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The American Sportsman Expo is the best value found in outdoor marketing. 

Join the excitement in the industry’s first and only Online Outdoor Expo. Promote your company via your virtual booth, door prizes, product showcases and virtual demos, informational webinars, and show specials.   

We're anticipating 40,000+ visitors to this year's Online Expo based on past attendance numbers and increased marketing dollars and strategic partnerships:

  • Our paid social media campaigns will be structured to create a buzz around expo features, contests, giveaways, exhibitors, and sponsors.
  • We will be utilizing a professional marketing team to promote the Expo and our sponsors/exhibitors, as well as drive up attendance.
  • Email campaigns - current databases of producer, sponsors, and conservation groups total well over 350,000 outdoor enthusiasts. 
  • Free Admission to attendees coupled with simple Social Media logins. 
  • Online contests and Social Media "Share" buttons in all Exhibitor Booths will help drive up attendance numbers substantially.

Expo Sponsorship opportunities available to maximize your company presence.



Your Virtual Booth and optional Door Prizes, Show Specials, and Featured Products are available online 24x7 until the end of March each year.


During the Online Expo, your time requirements are very minimal.  No need to be locked down in front of a computer.  Virtual booths can be constructed in 20-30 minutes - our staff can help you out with this.  Attendees will interact with your virtual booth and associated elements as follows:

  • Via phone calls (mobile users can "Click to Call"). You can specify a business landline number and/or a mobile phone number.
  • Via text messages (mobile users only - can "Click to Text").  This feature is optional and is only implemented if you provide a mobile phone number as part of your Virtual Booth profile.
  • Chat with you via Facebook Messenger
  • Via Contact Forms within your Virtual Booth that user's complete/submit.  These forms are provided to you via email and contains the user's name, email address (and optional phone number), and comments/requests/questions.
  • Attendees can download your brochure from your Virtual Booth, if provided.
  • Via Contact Forms on each of your Optional Show Specials and Featured Products.
  • You will be provided all of the email addresses for all attendees that register to win your Door Prize(s) - Optional.
  • Attendees can click on any of the following links (as applicable) within your Virtual Booth for additional information about your business:
    • Website

    • Facebook Page

    • Twitter Page

    • Instagram Page

    • Youtube Channel

    •  Download/view your Company Brochure (PDF Format)

    • Youtube Videos within your Booth

    • Photo Gallery within your Booth

2024-25 EXPO RATES





Virtual Booth Payments are made when you create your booth - link below.  Payments are processed thru PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards with No Account required.


Click HERE to Buy Your Virtual Booth

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