Triple Crown Outfitters

 Kentucky Hunting Outfitter specializing in whitetail deer, wild turkey and elk. 
Business: 859-533-9459
Cell: 859-533-9459

Triple Crown Outfitters

 Kentucky Hunting Outfitter specializing in whitetail deer, wild turkey and elk. 
Business: 859-533-9459
Cell: 859-533-9459

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Book your next hunt with us, and you too, can BECOME LEGENDARY

Its not just a hunt
Here at Triple Crown Outfitters, we take a lot of pride in everything that we do. From hanging tree-stands to the meals we serve, we believe that each and every aspect of your hunt should be nothing short of spectacular. Our clients safety and satisfaction is first and foremost. As hunters, we all know that hunting free range game can be very unpredictable. What you can be certain of is that we will work tirelessly, from the time you book your hunt, until you are headed home and ready to book again, to provide our clients with the safest and most memorable hunt possible. After all, its not just about the trophy, it's about enjoying the hunt and making memories.

We know what it takes
From the moment our clients walk through the doors, we want them to be confident, comfortable, and safe. To ensure that, as well as giving our clients the best opportunity possible, at harvesting their trophy, we have to hold ourselves to a very high standard.  To preserve the quality of each hunt and to maintain an above average success rate, we only take 10 hunters, per hunt, at any of out locations. With over 10,000 acres, and with an abundance of stand types and locations, sprawled across our intensely managed premium leases in KY and TN, its easy to see how we are harvesting mature trophy whitetail and wild turkey, all season long.  With knowledgeable and full time guides, we are spending an extreme amount of time on our leases and always keeping you up to date on what's happening.

To Each Its Own
Let's face it, every hunter is different. Whether by their experience in the woods, their preferred style of hunting, their levels of success and what they enjoy hunting. There's many traits that set us apart from other hunters. With that being said, every clients "dream hunt" can differ, greatly. As a hunting outfitter, we never want our hunters to feel like "just a number".  To give each hunter everything they deserve, we go to work as soon as they book their hunt. We begin to talk with our clients as we gather and compile information. We consider things like stand preference, what their  largest trophy is and their most comfortable shot distance. Then, we sit down and begin to go through our inventory, and we begin to match hunters with different stands, guides and, of course, potential harvests. Once we have found the perfect hunt and guide, that guide will begin to communicate with them, until  arrival. Our guides will share info  about deer movement, patterning, and will share trail cam photos with them. We want our hunters to be as involved a possible with their hunts, and to make sure that each and every person, who passes through our doors, has the ultimate hunting experience at our hunting lodge. Understanding what that is, exactly, is where we start. After that, it's all up to the hunter when that giant whitetail steps out, broadside, at 40 yards.  

  • Low Pressure - With a limited number of hunters and more that 10 thousand acres, as well as numerous stand types, we are able to provide a quality hunting experience, and keep the hunting pressure low. 
  • High Success - "Your success is our success" and that's the mindset that drives us to ensure every hunter has the best chance to harvest the trophy of a lifetime. Here at Triple Crown Outfitters , this is not just a job or hobby, its a way of life.  
  • Repeat Clients - Here at TCO, we strive to maintain a family atmosphere and hope that although you may come as a client, that you'll leave as family. We boast a 90% rebooking rate. 
  • Kentucky Whitetail Hunts - As one of the premiere deer hunting states, in the country, the Bluegrass state ranks #7 in the number of all time Boone and Crockett entries. With approximately 8,000 acres, in KY, we have premium leases in some of the states top record producing counties.  
  • Tennessee Whitetail Hunts - Home to the #3 all time Boone & Crockett Non Typical Buck, taken in 2016, Tennessee is home to an impressive whitetail herd, of approximately 900,000. With a two-buck bag limit and affordable over the counter tags, the Volunteer state boasts an impressive success rate.  
  • Tennessee - With a 4 bird bag limit, Tennessee is a turkey hunters dream. The state is home  to the Eastern Wild Turkey and never disappoints. Tennessee has plenty birds, to choose from, and offers some of the best turkey hunting in the country.
  • Kentucky - If you're looking for an action packed, spring turkey hunt, that's sure to satisfy even the most seasoned turkey hunter, Ky is certainly a great option. There is nothing that compares to chasing big ole eastern gobblers in the Bluegrass.
  • Osceola Turkey Hunts - Whether you are trying to complete your grand slam,  or you just want to chase after Osceola Turkey, down in the sunshine state, it's sure to be a great time. Book your hunt now and lets make memories to last forever, out chasing one of the world's most elusive trophy birds.  
  • Trophy Bass Fishing - If you're less about the excitement and more about relaxing in the sunshine, or maybe you already tagged that ole Florida long beard; either way, it doesn't really matter. There's plenty trophy bass so lets rip some lips down on the St Johns River, or the numerous lakes, nearby.    
  • Hog Hunts - Florida's game-rich environment, is home to around 500,000 wild hogs. Crazy, right? So where better to get after some wild hogs? We have many hunting styles to offer, including dog hunts, stand hunts and spot and stalk. We offer Trophy Hogs or Meat Hogs and these hunts can be booked solo, or added on to your turkey hunt.  




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4 Day/5 Night December Hunt with Lodging, Meals, and Semi-Guided.
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4 Day/5 Night Hunt with Lodging, Meals, and Semi-Guided.
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4 Day/5 Night Early September Velvet Bow Hunt.  Includes Lodging, Meals, and Semi-Guided. Price: $3500.
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2 Day/3 Night Fully Guided Hunt with Lodging & Meals - Guaranteed Shot Opportunity
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Value of Prize: $3,000
2 Day/3 Night Turkey Hunt with Lodging, Meals, and Semi-Guided.
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Value of Prize: $3,250
4 Day/5 Night Rifle Hunt with Lodging, Meals, and Semi-Guided.
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