Post Rock Outfitters

Post Rock Outfitters offers some of the highest quality Whitetail Deer, Rio Turkey and Predator hunting in north central Kansas. 
Business: 785-392-7755
Cell: 785-392-7755

Post Rock Outfitters

Post Rock Outfitters offers some of the highest quality Whitetail Deer, Rio Turkey and Predator hunting in north central Kansas. 
Business: 785-392-7755
Cell: 785-392-7755

About This Exhibitor

Post Rock Outfitters offers some of the highest quality Whitetail deer, Rio Turkey and predator hunting in north central Kansas. We hunt on 6,000+ acres of premium hunting ground. Consisting of river bottoms, crop ground with creek bottoms, wooded pasture draws, and native CRP grass. We operate in Lincoln, Ottawa, Saline, and Cloud counties. We are based out of Lincoln, Kansas Which is deer hunting unit 7. We are 45 miles northwest of Salina, KS. For more information about certain hunts click on your desired hunt. Be sure to call us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to guiding you on your next hunt of a lifetime!

Kansas Deer Hunting
Kansas really is the land of giants! We’re located in some of the best deer hunting in the country! North Central Kansas is well known for its ability to grow trophy whitetails and we have no shortage of them either! Our deer have food sources such as corn, milo, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa that help our bucks grow to be monsters. On top of that we run corn feeders all throughout the season. The genetics we have are outstanding and with our strict management we grow some huge bucks. We have a 140” minimum that comes with a $1000 fine for anything under that. This management policy will increase your opportunity at the high caliber 4 ½ to 5 ½ year old bucks that everyone is looking for. 

At Post Rock Outfitter’s we care about getting you an opportunity at a once in a lifetime Whitetail. Hunting the wind is very important out here. We will sit down with you every morning and evening to go over what you have been seeing and move you to a different stand or farm accordingly. We also like to stay in touch while you’re in the stand just in case the wind changes or you see a big one off in the distance and need to move in closer. After the shot we take care of everything from tracking to gutting the deer for you. We will go out and pick it up in the Polaris Ranger then take it back to the lodge to put it in the walk in cooler to be processed later on. 

Kansas is a draw state so you will have to apply for tags in April. We will walk you through this process so your opportunity to draw is at its highest possibility. Be sure to contact us and get your hunt date locked in. Our hunts go fast! We require a 50% deposit before the end of the draw in April. 
Kansas Rio Grande Turkey Hunting 
Our Rio Grande Turkey population is nothing short of phenomenal. Hunters generally have 100% success rate. Our season starts the first part of April and runs through the end of May. The first part of April is the youth and archery portion of the season. The shotgun will start directly after somewhere around the 10​th​ of April usually. We typically stop chasing them around the 15​th​ of May since it does tend to get a little more difficult. 

We offer a 3 day hunt with the opportunity to tag 2 longbeards. Tags and licensing are additional fees. Lodging is always included however we do not serve meals. All of our lodging will have a furnished kitchen where it is easy to cook a meal if you desire. You will be guided one on one or two guys to one guide. We hardly ever send anyone home empty handed. This is my favorite time of the year and I have just as much fun getting you on a big longbeard as if I was behind the shotgun myself. 
Kansas Predator Hunting 
Our predator hunts can be a fun weekend getaway or a week long adventure. This type of hunting is very important to our properties. The predator population is border line out of control so we’re doing everything we can to keep the population in check. We typically start these hunts after Christmas when the weather is colder and the predators are looking for a food source. Like any other animal, weather plays a huge role in predator movement. We have found in the past that our odds increase quite a bit if we only hunt the morning and evenings. It seems that we educate coyotes more than we succeed when we hunt all through the afternoon. We will focus on a particular species if you would like. 

Bobcats tend to be a little harder to target but still very doable. Then there are times when the cats come in very easily. A lot of times we will set up for either species and you never know what’s going to show up. 

I would recommend bringing a smaller caliber of rifle (.223, .243, 22-250, .204, etc.) but also something you’re comfortable shooting out to 200 yards with. Our shots usually wont be near that far but it’s better to be prepared. Lodging is always included in any of our hunts. I really like to keep the predator hunts more of a one on one hunt. But It can also be arranged to have a bigger group. I would recommend a three day hunt.




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