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Donny "GatorMan" Bartow


About Donny

Donny "GatorMan" Bartow

Donny has been hunting gators in south Georgia for over 20 years. 

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REAL Gator Hunting with the GatorMan

Donny talks about his "REAL" Gator Hunts where hunters bring in the quarry ALIVE. 

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Matt van Vuuren


About Matt w/ Likhulu Safaris

Matt van Vuuren

Outfitter/Professional Hunter

Likhulu -."Zulu word for big / or 100%". This is what you can expect when you join us on an African safari. Professional Hunter and Outfitter Matt van Vuuren and his wife Jacklyne established Likhulu Safaris in 2006.

Matt has been actively involved in professional hunting since 1998 and obtained his Professional Hunters license in 2002. Matt gained valuable experience when he hunted in South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Botswana, under the guidance of well-known Outfitters and Professional Hunters including his father who is still an active Professional Hunter.

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Africa Hunting/Photo Safaris 101

Learn the basics of planning an African Hunting and/or Photo Safari.  Matt will go over all of the details to make sure you have everything you need to plan your next safari - and within your budget. Travel, paperwork, firearms, lodging, trophy care and shipping, essentials to pack, hunt methods, hunt packages and ala carte species hunts, tourist/photo safari options, and much more....

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GOT Hunting


About Brad Park

Brad Park

B.C. Outfitter

Brad Park, owner of GOT Hunting in S.E. British Columbia, has been guiding hunters and anglers in the amazing Purcell and Rocky Mountains of south eastern British Columbia since 2000, and is the exclusive outfitter on over a thousand square miles of guide territory. Brad has been offering DIY hunts & leases since 2020.

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DIY Br. Columbia Big Game Hunts

Brad explains how GOT Hunting's DIY Br. Columbia Hunting service works.  

Recently we have switched our business model from full service guided hunts to semi guided and DIY (do it yourself) hunting leases. The DIY model offers the British Columbia hunting experience at much lower price point compared to traditional full service guided hunting. In this webinar, we explain the DIY single 10-14 day hunts, seasonal leases, and annual leases. 

Big game species: elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, black bear, and combos.  Predator hunts including cougar, wolf, bobcat, lynx, and coyote. Game birds, waterfowl, and spring and fall Merriams turkey. And fishing!

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Travis McClendon


About Travis

Travis McClendon

Travis McClendon is the founding owner of Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC and Arizona Strip Guides LLC. Travis was literally born and raised in the professional trophy hunting and outdoor video industry. An Arizona native and full-time professional outfitter and videographer for over 30 years, Travis has produced many world-class trophies for his clients. His tireless work ethic and obsession with trophy elk and mule deer make him one of the most sought-after and successful trophy elk and mule deer guides in the west. Travis is one of the most experienced elk and mule deer guides in the state of Arizona and brings a lifetime of trophy elk and mule deer hunting experience to the Arizona Elk Outfitters & Arizona Strip Guides team.

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Unravelling the Mystery of Western U.S. Big Game Application Process & More!

Travis will explain how the western states application system, bonus points, unit selections, and draw odds work! Travis will also share some insider tips and tricks to getting drawn sooner rather than later and why TIME. KNOWLEDGE or MONEY shouldn't be a factor for the blue-collar worker to go on a lifetime hunting experience in the west!

Travis will also explain how you can get a no-cost fully outfitted hunt, unlimited consultation, a full application service, insider information, and real-time text & email alert just by joining the Zero Guide Fee community. Getting drawn for a premium hunt in the west takes planning and patience and the Zero Guide Fees model makes the opportunity of a lifetime obtainable for anyone through this innovative program that truly is “the next generation in outfitting!”

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Chance Brown - Fallen Outdoors


About "Fallen Outdoors"

The Fallen Outdoors mission is to organize outdoor adventures for veterans past and present, from every generation and from all branches of the military. Our aim is to connect Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines with like-minded individuals along with teaching them a skill and passion they can continue for a lifetime.

The Fallen Outdoors began in 2009 at a remote outpost in Afghanistan with three soldiers; SSG John Bates, Spc Eric Finniginamm and Spc Eric Bakken. Year after year The Fallen Outdoors (TFO) grew and expanded, they put in every extra second they had while on active duty. Today the TFO serves thousands of veterans a year across this great nation. What started off as a simple idea to help veterans get outdoors has transformed into a lifestyle that the TFO nation lives and breathes every day.

The Fallen Outdoors - How to Help a Vet Get Outdoors

A recording of this webinar is avalable for viewing on the American Sportsman Expo Facebook page at this link: The Fallen Outdoors - How to Help a Vet Get Outdoors

Sweet Tea Trio


About "Sweet Tea"

“Sweet Tea” is Alabama’s dynamic country trio that is currently making their mark on country music. Their trademark is their harmonies and collectively they sing with a beautiful blend of southern charm and a little bit of country twang! They are all singer/songwriters and musicians but most importantly, you will see true entertainers in the making. Sweet Tea Trio is currently co-managed by Vector Management and Kid Rock. They opened for Bon Jovi as well as toured with Kid Rock.

Live Entertainment from "Sweet Tea"

A recording of this session is avalable for viewing on the American Sportsman Expo Facebook page at this link: Sweet Tea Trio Performance

O'Neill Williams


About O'Neill

O'Neill Williams is host of O'Neill Outside, an outdoor based television series on FOX Sports Sun, FOX Sports Southeast, FOX Sports Arizona, Pursuit Channel, HuntTV, Amazon Prime, Outdoor Action Network, Camo Crusade, Waypoint TV, GEN 7 Outdoors to 277,000,000 subscriber households weekly and "O'Neill Outside" radio broadcasts to 38 states via WSB Radio in Atlanta and is in syndication nationally via the 155 SB Nation affiliates. "O'Neill Outside" radio is the #1 outdoor based live radio talk show in the country.

How to Get Kids Involved with Outdoor Sports

A recording of this webinar is avalable for viewing on the American Sportsman Expo Facebook page at this link:  Get Kids Involved Outdoors

Jacob Powell


About Jacob

Jacob Powell is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. His single “System” was released in September of 2020 and is now available on all streaming platforms. He has amassed over 5 million streams with previous EP and single releases, and has been featured on Spotify’s Wild Country, Country Rocks, and Pop Co playlists.

Live Entertainment from Nashville Singer/Songwriter Jacob Powell

A recording of Jacobs music session is avalable for viewing on the American Sportsman Expo Facebook page at this link: Jacob Powell Music Session

Darcie aka Darcizzle


About Darcizzle

Darcie aka Darcizzle has been on the water since the age of 3 when she started tagging along with her father fishing and lobstering on an 18' Gheenoe out of Miami, Florida; her hometown. She currently lives in Boynton Beach, FL and fishes weekly on a the 23' SEADEK Proline out of Boynton Beach Inlet. Darcie is also a writer for Coastal Angler Magazine, Palm Beach County edition, with her own monthly fishing report & tips article.

Women in the Outdoors

A recording of Darcie's webinar is avalable for viewing on the American Sportsman Expo Facebook page at this link: Women in the Outdoors



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