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Studio D has become one of the most trusted names in outdoor industry design and branding but our expertise extends into virtually every business category. 
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About This Exhibitor

With over 30 years of combined experience in outdoor television production along with 20 years of business and marketing experience in fortune 500 companies, we ensure quality and value in everything we do. In the information rich world we live in, consumers are more informed than ever before. Studio D can help you navigate the labyrinth of branding and advertising strategy. 

Do you have a large scale project that demands a hands on approach? No problem! We'll come to you! Every project is different and though we are well versed at gathering requirements and working closely with our clients remotely, some projects need face to face interaction.

Full Service
Studio D provides a single resource for all aspects of design, branding and production. Our clients keep coming back because they know they can depend on us to meet their business needs.

Producer of more original logos in the industry since 2014, Studio D has raised the bar on the quality, creative design and versatility of the outdoor logo.

Media Kits
Beyond the graphic design of your media kit lies the even more important content and the presentation of that content. We aren't creating documents, we are developing your ability to impress potential clients and sponsors.

Marketing starts with a plan. We work with you on creating a marketing and brand strategy that helps facilitate selling your product or service. We want you to be seen and heard. In a $650 billion dollar industry, impressions and perceptions are everything.

Video Production
From project inception, to content capture to bringing it all together in the editing room. We are well versed in analyzing the existing and missing pieces and seamlessly working with you on specific portions of your production.   

Project Management
In many ways our ability to manage your large scale and long term projects sets us apart as a media company. With over 20 years of experience in business analytics and a combined 30 years in the outdoor industry, we have the skill set and resources to help you succeed.

Print Media
We work with you to develop and design the highest quality work that clearly communicates your branding and messaging to potential clients and partners. Our high quality marketing materials, ranging from trade show displays to catalogs to product packaging, will create memorable impressions on your customers.

Content Creation
In the fast paced digital world, content is consumed at an alarming rate. The ability to create, capture and deliver quality content can be overwhelming. We generate photo, video and design assets required to create and cultivate your lifestyle branding. 




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