$65 Savings: IWOM XT Hunting System

The #1 Full Body Hunting System

Provided by: IWOM Outerwear

The IWOM XT is a one-piece full-body hunting suit that was designed for the hunter in any condition from 40° F above to -40° F below. The IWOM XT has 3 different modes of wear; Fanny pack mode which allows you to strap the suit around your waist (rolled up like a sleeping bag in a self-contained stretch pouch) for easy packing and storage. When in jacket mode the IWOM XT has the mobility of a traditional high-end jacket while keeping you completely mobile and protected from the elements. Finally, in full-body containment mode, the IWOM XT eliminates all the heat release points that you would have in traditional hunting jackets around the head, waist, and feet. When fully deployed the garment acts like a heater suit that not only traps in your body heat but also your scent, giving you the ultimate outdoor edge and experience for all-day protection.

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$65 Savings: off the IWOM XT Hunting System


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