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Welcome to Brock's Huntin' Cabins

Welcome Aboard.  We're pleased to announce that Brock Ray with Brock's Huntin' Cabins has partnered with ASE as a Sponsor for our upcoming February 2021 Live Expo Event.

Brock's Huntin' Cabins

The Perfect Getaway

Brock's Huntin' Cabins

Cabin kits for hunting, fishing and relational land or just a place in the mountains or on the lake. 14 different models to suit any outdoorsman's needs. Kits starting at $11,7000.  Visit the Brock's Huntin' Cabin virtual booth to learn more.

About Brock

Brock Ray is a native of Oxford, Alabama. Being a man of great ideas, another of Brock's projects is Brock Huntin Cabins and Brocks Log Cabins. The log cabins come in kits, with high quality materials, so that the handy man can put them together with a few simple tools or his crew will assemble them for those who may not have the time. These cabins are perfect for hunters or those who just enjoy spending time outdoors. The cabins also serve as excellent guest houses, offices, a child's playhouse, pool house, workout room or just a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Brock lives in Blount County, Alabama and enjoys spending time with his family. You will often find him in the wild outdoors, which seems to fuel even more dreams. He is a man of high moral fiber and has a work ethic that is rare in this day and age. If Brock has a dream, you can bet he will make it come true with his determination and hard work.

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