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Ohio Whitetail Deer Bow Hunt


Value: $2,000.00

Provided by: Crazy Bone Outfitters

5 Day Ohio Early Season Trophy Whitetail Deer Bow Hunt.

Located in northeastern Ohio, our 8,000 acres of privately managed & exclusive access offers our hunters true opportunities at harvesting free-range trophy whitetails that Ohio is famous for.

With the mountainous terrain, CRP, corn, soybeans, mining strip jobs, oak flats, and swamp bottoms, we have the ultimate whitetail habitat combinations that monster bucks love in Ohio.

We offer superb early season, late peak- rut, and post-rut hunting opportunities in Columbiana and Jefferson Counties in Ohio. We have just added great access in Kentucky.  We enforce a 130" minimum ($1,000 Fine), but you have the very real chance to see, hunt, and kill a mature buck scoring between 140" and 170" or larger. Ohio & Kentucky are known for monster bucks. We have them in both states.

​We have an abundance of ground and elevated tower blinds mixed in with a large quantity of lock-on and ladder stands that make your hunt comfortable and accessible. We utilize feeders starting August 1st where we run kerneled corn for the deer. We also have a variety of food plots and food sources ranging from corn, soybeans and green blends (clover, brassicas, wheat, etc.) We run our Browning Trail Cameras from June through February on the bait, food plots/sources, trails, funnels, pinch points, travel corridors, etc.

Our semi-guided service delivers some hands-on and hands-off aspects. You are responsible for your own lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the farm. We will be there to assist you getting into and out of the hunting areas during your hunt. Also, we provide the deer retrieval, field care, and we will take it to a local processor for you (your cost for processing, not delivery). All of our farms are pre-set with stands & blinds, and we have a scouting report waiting for you, of which we go over at our "Conference Meeting" at 8am the day before your hunt starts. We will go over literally all aspects of your hunt with you, and we will then proceed to show you to your stands midday to see it in daylight before starting your hunt.

We utilize onX Hunt Maps, and we highly recommend that you do as well so that you can identify your location on your phone in case you need to. However, we require you to stay in your stands/blinds. This includes after the shot until your guide/outfitter arrives to start the tracking. We ask that our hunters be able to communicate via text message during the hunts for scouting & wellness checks.

EXPO DOOR PRIZE: 5 Day Late September 2023 Ohio Whitetail Deer Bow hunt.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We look forward to having you hunt with us!

- Crazy Bone Outfitters (Bill Fultz) 
   Phone: 234-600-7577



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