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DIY Br. Columbia Elk, Deer, Bear Combo Hunt for 2-3 Hunters


Value: $5,850.00

Provided by: GOT Hunting

2023 DIY British Columbia Elk, Deer, and Black Bear Combo hunt for 2-3 Hunters.

GOT Hunting Member Hunt Leases
Our member hunt leases are for two or three hunters in a group for a single 10-14 day hunt. Members who are not residents of British Columbia must apply for a BC assistant guide license (online exam - Once they have their assistant guide licenses, they are eligible for a BC hunting license and tags (we provide), and access to one of our single hunt leases (10-14 days).

Each member is eligible for species tags that are available by season, and each member may harvest wildlife for all valid tags, but at all times one of the members must be acting as the guide, and no more than two members can be guided at any one time.
Single hunt lease (elk combo):
  • Two to three hunters purchase a membership and a single hunt lease for an elk combo - $1 950 each (Door Prize winner will be credited with the $1,950 fee for UP TO 3 hunters).
  • Each hunter takes the online assistant guide exam. BC Assistant Guide licenses are good for life.
  • The hunters select their hunting date (up to 14 days) within the season. Elk season runs from Sept. 1 to Oct. 20
  • We purchase their tags and license on their behalf
  • The hunters select their style of hunting:
    • From motel base
    • From road accessed cabin or tent camp base
    • From horse accessed wilderness cabin or tent camp base
  • For the lease fee we provide direction, maps, knowledge, advice, pre season scouting, and expertise.
Make sure that your hunting buddies also register for this Door Prize to increase your group's odds!



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