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Alberta Big Game Outfitter offering Sport Fishing and Moose, Mountain Goat, Elk, Black Bear, Whitetail & Mule Deer, and Predator Hunts (Cougar, Lynx, Wolf).

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About This Exhibitor

Your adventure starts by flying or driving into Grande Prairie, Alberta — one of the great pioneer cities of Northern Canada. We’ll be at the airport to greet you and drive you out to our nearby country home and staging centre.

Once you’re geared up, we’ll drive the two hours to our base camp in the Rocky foothills. Our combined territory is a massive area (over 5000 square km’s / 2,300 square miles) surrounded by provincial parks and untouched wilderness. From lush green moose swamps to glacier-crusted peaks stretching up over 9,000 feet to countless alpine lakes and sunny mountain slopes, you won’t be lacking in scenery. Best of all, the limited access to the area allows us to maintain a population of some of the largest moose, elk, mountain goats, and black bears in Canada — as well as wolves, mule deer, and cougars.

The camps themselves are amazing, we have beautiful 2 lodges in our territory as well as many remote cabin camps. Team that up with other mobile camps like cabins on trailers and wall tents and we have no problem keeping all customers warm, dry, comfortable, right close to great hunting action.

For trophy moose, we often target bulls in the 50-60 inch range (though we’ve found bigger). Hunters have a great chance at a Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett qualifying trophy. The elk here are large too (we harvest plenty over 300, to as high as 365).

Along with trophy sized moose and elk we are fortunate our area also provides great predators, good mule and whitetail deer as well as quota species mountain goat and bighorn sheep. 

We won’t lie to you: our hunts are going to challenge you. The best areas are remote and difficult to access. But the pains are worth it. Steep and rugged spots consistently produce monster trophies. No matter what species chosen to hunt with Compass there is a very good chance for high success on large trophies.

Limited tags are available each year. Send your request today to avoid disappointment.

(While we can never guarantee the outcome of a hunt, we consider it our jobs to maximize your chances of success. This starts with coming up with a personalized plan that accounts for your fitness and experience and time limitations. We’ll be as honest as possible about what to expect, and have excellent track records at delivering on those expectations.)

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