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Whether planning a hunt with your buddy, a corporate group retreat, or looking for an adventuresome weekend for your family, we’ve got the lodge and the expertise to make it a trip you will remember. Alabama Black Belt Adventures is a collection of over 50 lodges throughout the Black Belt region offering world-class hunting for deer, turkey, quail, dove, and more. And, the fishing is almost year round for lunker bass and crappie.

When you consider the many historical and cultural attractions also in the area, you’ll realize that the Black Belt has something for everybody. So take a look at everything we have to offer. We think you’ll like what you see.


ALBBA Deer Alabama Black Belt Adventures (ALBBA) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities in the state’s 23-county Black Belt region, which extends across the state and lies below the Appalachian foothills and above the Coastal Plain. Certainly an important component in this initiative is the Black Belt’s widely acclaimed hunting and fishing opportunities, as featured in national publications such as Garden & Gun magazine. B.A.S.S. founder, Ray Scott, and Buckmasters founder, Jackie Bushman, signed on early in the effort to shoot a commercial for Alabama Black Belt Adventures attesting that the “Black Belt region of Alabama is a hunters paradise…and the fishing is world-class”. 

Other passive outdoor recreation includes canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, and birdwatching. ALBBA also works closely with numerous tourism partners representing the region’s rich cultural and heritage assets ranging from antebellum homes to sites of some of the nation’s most important civil rights events. Regardless of your interest or group size, there is something for everyone to enjoy and accommodations to meet your desired needs. 

About The Black Belt

Black-Belt-MapThe Alabama Black Belt consists of 23 counties spanning the entire state, with the heart of the region lying between the state’s Appalachian foothills and the coastal plain. Widely known for its excellent hunting and fishing opportunities, Alabama’s Black Belt also is the site of pivotal civil rights events that forever changed America. The Black Belt region is also rich in other historical and cultural destinations, ranging from elegant antebellum homes to fun-filled river festivals and fascinating museums.

Alabama’s Black Belt gets its name from the dirt – a rich, dark loamy soil whose high fertility produces nutrient-rich vegetation. That, in turn, serves as high-quality habitat for numerous wildlife species, including white-tailed deer. Sportsmen and wildlife managers recognize it as an area that consistently produces great weights and excellent antler characteristics in white-tailed deer. It produces numerous record bucks on a regular basis.

The Black Belt also features superb ground cover and terrain for quail, dove, turkey and duck hunting. To complement the Black Belt’s great hunting, the region’s rivers, ponds and streams lend themselves to bass, crappie and bream fishing.

Aside from hunting and fishing, Alabama’s Black Belt includes numerous travel destinations that reflect a diverse history ranging from the Confederacy and Civil War era to some of the nation’s more important civil rights milestones. You’ll find attractions commemorating a list of difference makers ranging from Rosa Parks to Dr. Martin Luther King to Hank Williams and Paul “Bear” Bryant. It’s a multi-faceted region that you don’t want to miss.

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