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Welcome to Allen Jenkins Turkey Calls!

In 1958, Allen approached Mike Lynch with a home made box call. Tentatively, he asked for a critique from the master. Lynch was perhaps none too gentle with the 14 year old, but a dozen years later, that youth purchased the M. L. Lynch Company in 1970.

It has been almost 50 years since Allen asked his mentor to critique his carefully planned handiwork. In that time he has produced over 3 million box turkey calls. Every single one of these box calls has been handmade and hand-tuned.

Today, sportsmanship, craftsmanship and the hunting tradition are more important to Allen Jenkins than killing a bird. After calling and taking scores of gobblers, he reflects, it is much more satisfying to use one of our calls to call birds for youngsters and new turkey hunters. It is time to light a spark of excitement in the eyes of my children and to pass the thrill of hunting to a new generation.


 Signature Calls

The Signature Turkey Calls are simply the absolute best turkey calls that we can make. These calls are in an elite class all by themselves. While other call companies boast of being the best…none can match the quality and sound of our Signature calls.  We put over 100 years of turkey call making experience into this line of calls.



Classic Calls

Our Classic Calls are built to very ridged standards. We place a lot of importance in the quality of both the beauty and sound of these hand made box calls. We are not going to sell you a turkey call that we would not take hunting ourselves. These are the model calls that everyone that works here hunts with. The Classics are built to hunt and last for years of hard hunting. We put over 100 years of turkey call making experience into this line of calls.



Diamond Box Call

After more than 54 years of working with different woods and studying the qualities and personalities of many, many different types of woods available, Allen has chosen Cocobolo and Walnut for his Diamond Series Turkey Calls, these are the DIAMOND STANDARD of all turkey calls.



We can also personalize your Signature Box Call!


For more information, come visit our website!


Enjoy our video of Jay Carney with Allen Jenkins!

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