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Welcome to BC Guide Outfitters!

BC Guide Outfitters operates its BC Bear hunting and BC Moose hunting within a 900 square mile plateau of prime Moose and Black Bear habitat.

We have over 200 lakes and 3 major rivers.

We have a diversity of remote wilderness and replanted cut blocks. This has created some of the best Moose hunting and Black Bear hunting habitat in the world! It provides feed in the logged area, but still enough cover to create a safe haven for wildlife. Because of a high repeat clients we have now expanded the operation to 2 more areas to accommodate the demand from hunters.

We offer the finest in BC Black Bear, Canadian Moose, Rocky Mountain Goat, Grizzly, Elk, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Wolf , Lynx, and cougar hunting.

One of secrets of our success has been that we are full time Outfitters. This is what we do. We spend from April to November in our camps and our territory, cutting trails, hauling in boats to remote lakes and building camps in the backcountry. We are also on the landscape scouting all season long. That is the difference of a full time operator and those that show up the week before the hunt and throw it all together.


Top 10 Reasons to Hunt with Us

  1. High success on hunts
  2. Well established outfit
  3. Family run operation
  4. Guaranteed tags for Moose, Bear, Elk, Deer, Wolf and Lynx
  5. Rifle hunts in peak Elk and Moose rut season
  6. Archery hunters welcome
  7. Great camps and food
  8. Friendly knowledgeable guides that work hard
  9. No overcrowding
  10. Your Success is our Success!

Our Hunting Packages

Black Bear

BC Guide Outfitters is now one of the top Black Bear operations in British Columbia. Our consistent harvest of extra large Black Bears, as well as, our high density of color phase, has set us apart from the rest.

Our Mountain Black Bear have some of the thickest coats in the world, due to hunting within weeks of the bears emerging from hibernation. Six to seven foot squared bears are harvested annually. Mature Bear skulls average 18-21 inches.

We don’t just do Black Bear hunts as an add-on or incidental animal; we are your mountain Black Bear specialists.

Grizzly Bear

The Mountain Grizzly is one of the greatest trophies a person can achieve in the hunting life, and at BC Guide Outfitters, we provide excellent opportunity.

We have all color phases of Grizzly: blonde, black and traditional. Coats are exceptionally long. Grizzly can be hunted as a stand alone hunt, in a Black Bear combo, or added to a full mix bag. Six to eight foot Mountain Grizzly’s are average.

We have fall hunts from tree stands over salmon run rivers. We also hunt in the spring on snow slides and in berry patches on mountain hillsides in the fall. Some of these hunts can be physically demanding so ask about options that fit you.


British Columbia has been long known for it’s high density of Canadian Moose. Sizes vary from camp to camp, as well as densities of the moose. Mature bulls range from 40 – 55 inches.

Being surrounded by over 200 lakes and 5 major river systems, we guarantee we have a Moose hunt for you. Either, early season spot and stalk, peak of the run, or late season migration hunts take place from either our base camp or one of our remote spike camps.

Mountain Goat

Hunt the Rocky Mountain Goats in the high alpine basins surrounded by breathtaking scenery that only the Rocky Mountains can provide. Our extremely remote locations offer excellent trophy class opportunities for Billies in the 9-10 inch range. These backpack hunts can take place in the early season with excellent weather or in the late season offering long haired Billies.

We have excellent goat guides that make sure all the details are covered.


The majestic royal elk has long been the ultimate trophy. BC Guide Outfitters has just that hunt for you. Due to government enforced six point antler restriction, our herds and trophy quality have increased.

Hunt either the early season spot and stalk, peak of the rut, or late season migration. Any level of physical ability can enjoy this hunt. We have remote hunts off the river and private land hunts.These Elk hunts are hunted in the rut and calling is close quarters on ridges and thick pine stands. Good archery opportunities

Whitetail Deer

Northern British Columbia has been producing extra large trophy Whitetail bucks in the last few years due to mild winters and excellent habitat. Mature Whitetail bucks range from 130-200 class. Our buck to doe ratio is extremely high. We have a good population of Trophy Whitetail Deer.

Whether it is your first Deer or trying to up your size we have a hunt for you. Whitetail Deer have been increasing in BC for many years and BC Guide Outfitters is pleased  to offer a quality hunt for trophy Whitetail Bucks.

Hunts may take place in archery only early season or late season rifle migration hunts. To hunt these un-pressured trophy Whitetail deer is truly a great experience for any Whitetail enthusiast. Great camps and guides make this a dream hunt.

Mule Deer

The secret is out, check out our trophy Mule Deer in BC. Choose from early season high alpine hunts, peak of the rut or late season migration hunts. All levels of physical ability can participate.

Trophy Mule Deer hunting is becoming one of the most sought after trophies! Mule Deer in the 150 to 180 is what we have to offer. We have larger, but you would have to pass some great Bucks to do so. This hunt is for the discerning hunter that knows a good Mule Deer hunting opportunity!

Winter Wolf Hunt

BC Guide Outfitters has become one the main names in winter wolf hunting. It is a very challenging hunt to be able to provide a good opportunity. A lot of prep work goes into this months before you arrive. We are pleased to be able to be 40% to 50% on opportunity. In the wolf game that is great! We do it 100% legal not putting you at risk. Our methods are excepted by record books and are considered fair chase.


Hunt the backcountry for Cougar. We hunt several of the best Cat area's of B.C. with traditional hounds. Our guides are experienced houndsmen that love the pursuit. BC holds many of the record book entries for Cougar. Our increased Deer population has increased the cougar population to what it is today which offers a great opportunity for today’s adventure hunter!


Our territory holds a great population of Canadian Lynx. We use spot and stalk with hounds and experienced houndsmen running our hunts. We also do spot & stalk hunting for our lynx.


For more information, please visit our website!

 Enjoy our video on black bear hunts!


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