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"The Alaskan Peninsula"

 Trophy Designated Unit #9  



The Magnitude and Excitement :Hunting these Enormous and Massive Apex Predators-The Alaskan Peninsula Brown bear has been consistently described by our clients as pure adrenaline and exhilaration.They further described the mystique and feeling one of great anticipation with the start of their hunt with Alaska's Extreme Hunting as they approached in their super cub landing in the Kamishak Bay region near the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Trophy Designated Game Management Unit # 9.

AkXH-Bear1Alaska's Extreme Hunting: Our growth is a direct result of helping clients win and win again by bridging the gaps for client success.We are a staff of driven overachievers built and designed through long term commitment culminated with clear vision for optimal success.Each of our professional guiding staff members encompasses innovative and unique bear hunting skill sets.These are affectively used during their assault on the Alaskan back country. 

Private and Sole Use: These exclusive private concession areas vast regions and adjoining state lands, contain the brown bear stronghold concentrations and genetically healthy brown bear populations, for hunters and their guides to fully immerse themselves in during there hunt. 

Strictly Limiting: 4 clients per any regulatory hunting season.Mitigation of client bookings,hunting pressure,and harvest rates, have resulted in a very viable and well managed, highly successful hunting atmosphere and venue. Alaska's Extreme Hunting conducts and is strictly dedicated to only the professional hunting of the finest trophy coastal brown bears. 

 The Spike Camp: We Offer the choices of the traditional spike camp consisting of highest performance 10'x10' tents refered to as "Artic Ovens" with propane heaters and spacious cots.Supporting foods that will consist of an array of light-weight meals, extremely high energy supplemented snacks,and providing many other select choices.           

 The Base Camp: We offer the full amenities in the wilderness desired by some descriminate clients, without sacraficing optimal hunting locations This includes hot showers, cot's, propane heaters and high performance 10'x10' Artic-Oven tents.The spaceous 10'x'20 Artic-Oven tent is used for social gathering and kitchen cuisine preparation of the finest meals.Surpassing all wilderness tent camps according to our client base feedback.


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Alaska's Extreme Hunting : Operates under the premise of complete and full transparency.We will provide up to date realtime accurate disclosure to our professional hunts, history, client success and experience.

With The Profound Costs: That accompany these professional hunts for Alaska's Extreme Hunting and our clients, each of our clients professional hunts will be highly detailed, specifically planned, and accurately aligned.This is for the highest quality assurance and probability for client results and their uncompromised satisfaction.

AkXH-Bear2Alaska's Extreme Hunting: Provides 4 select bookings for 15 day professionally guided trophy brown bear hunts.Offered In the very productive and trophy designated Game Management Unit # 9 "The Alaskan Peninsula".These hunts are conducted in the Kamishak Bay region near the Katmai National Park and Preserve.Our private sole use concession lands and there adjoining areas support the bruin genetics, required for world class results and or trophy bears scoring close to that mark.

For The Fortunate Few: These record class bears have come easy throughout the Industry.For the great majority, it requires a full and complete commitment to their hunt, favorable weather and early restraint .To increase these odds, this requires physical and mental preparation for your hunt.It should be a deliberate plan that requires months of careful planning and preparedness with an affective and consistent Exercise Regime.

 Potential Record Class: Requires clients willing to display the restraint to pass on respectable bruins glassed early in their hunt.The day's remaining for a clients hunt, weather patterns and productive sightings observed, should be primarily considered before trophy selection is made if seeking record class potential.This restraint may very well provide clients a later selection for a much larger bruin to meet RecordClass criteria.However, many hunters can attest the risk can be great and is not always worth the reward in comparison too, the signifigant time and Investment that has been made to harvest a respectable bruin.

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15 Day Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt

Value: $12,500

Quantity: 1

15 day 1x1 fully guided Brown Bear hunt in Alaskan Peninsula Game Unit #9. Hunter can harvest a Black Bear, Wolf, or Wolverine (Wolf & Wolverine only available in Fall of Odd-numbered Years) with no additional trophy fees. These are considered a bonus to the hunter. LODGING: Traditional spike camp consisting of highest performance 10'x10' tents referred to as "Artic Ovens" with spacious cots. Supporting foods that will consist of an array of light-weight meals, extremely high energy and enjoyable supplemented snacks and providing many select choices.

Game that can be added: Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine (Wolf & Wolverine only available in Fall of Odd-numbered Years.)

Location of Hunt/Trip: Alaskan Peninsula Game Unit #9

Length of Hunt/Trip: 15 days

Hunt/Trip can be scheduled for these dates/seasons: Fall 2015 or Spring 2016

NOTE: A Black bear tag can be used for equal or less value to harvest a Black Bear, Wolf or Wolverine. Additional Tags other than 1 Black bear tag is not required for any one of the three previously mentioned trophy animals unless the hunter desires each one of the specie.

Expenses/fees to be paid by giveaway winner: Guide fee of $3500. Travel to Alaska, Air Travel to Hunting Area and Return, Tags, License, Gratuities are not included.

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