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From our lodge in King Salmon, Alaska you will travel deep into the wilds of Katmai National Park.  This is the land where salmon make their annual pilgrimage up the rivers to spawn.  It is here that the large coastal brown Bears congregate to fish for the protein-rich salmon to sustain them through the long, harsh Alaskan winters.

Alaska Bear viewing in Katmai National Park is unparalleled.  Our team of Alaska bear viewing guides has years of experience in Katmai National Park.  Guests can expect to travel to different locations throughout the park leaving the confines of everyday life behind, entering the vast wilderness that the bears call home.  You will experience bears in their natural environment hunting plentiful salmon.  Seeing the bears interact among themselves is unforgettable.  The deafening rush of water and blinding awe of natural beauty play amphitheater to a scene that has transpired since the beginning of time.  We take you to virgin, pristine landscapes that will forge memories to last a lifetime.  Watching the wild bears hunt, feed, and compete is a sight you truly must see to appreciate.

Brooks Falls

Brooks Falls is the epicenter of Alaskan Brown Bear habitat.  As the Brooks River cascades into Naknek lake, a long flowing rocky waterfall emerges.  Hundred of Alaskan brown bears congregate to feed off the annual Sockeye Salmon migration.  As the salmon labor upstream evading the rocks, the make accessible prey for hungry brown bears.  Seeing the bears in their natural habitat feeding as they have for thousands of years is a sight that make a lifetime memory.  Brooks Falls allows us to view the bears at close range while leaving them totally undisturbed.


Katmai National Park

Nowhere on the planet is home to a more greatly concentrated population of brown bears than Alaska’s Katmai National Park.  Katmai National Park encompasses over 4 million acres!  The one defining geographic trait that most tightly funnels the brown bears is Brooks Falls.  We take you into the great Alaskan wilderness where you can experience the bears up close and personal in their natural environment.

Artifacts have been recovered that trace humans back to Katmai for over 9,000 years!  This historical area is just a short float plane flight from Bristol Bay Retreat.  Our experienced pilots and guides are well versed in the regions steep history.  We would love the opportunity to share our vast knowledge and hard earned experience with you.


Alaska Bear Viewing Lodge

Bristol Bay Retreat is located a just short, scenic plane flight from Brooks Falls.  The rustic lodge is equipped to comfortably sleep 10 guests.  Bristol Bay Retreat is more than just a place to lay your head.  It’s a roomy, warm haven that is truly a “home away from home.”  It’s a place where you can enjoy a peaceful nap, relax in our sauna, watch television, and share intimate conversations with your group and our staff.  You can swap stories and hear about life in Bristol Bay from our staff and guides.  Our staff prides itself on providing such a comfortable venue. We strive to ensure you depart more rested than you arrive.

Open only 16 weeks each year, Bristol Bay Retreat encompasses over 5 acres along the banks of the renowned Naknek River.  Our large two-story, six-bedroom, cedar-sided Bed & Breakfast offers panoramic views and a wonderful front porch.  We have a satellite big-screen TV and WiFi–all the amenities of home.  Our banya (Russian sauna) will recharge your batteries after a long day afield.  Bristol Bay Retreat is your ideal Alaskan getaway.


1-Day Bear Viewing Tour (from Anchorage)

Includes round-trip air travel from Anchorage, AK to King Salmon, AK

Float plane charter to Brooks Falls

6 – 8 hours of bear viewing time     

Knowledgeable bear viewing guides

2-Day Bear Viewing Tour

Includes 3 nights lodging at Bristol Bay Retreat

3 meal per day

Knowledgeable bear viewing guides

3 days of bear viewing in Katmai National Park

5-Day Bear Viewing Tour

Includes 5 nights lodging at Bristol Bay Retreat

3 meal per day

Knowledgeable bear viewing guides

5 days of bear viewing in Katmai National Park


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 Brooks Falls


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