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Welcome to Brock Ray's Huntin' Cabins!

If you are a hunter and enjoy spending time outdoors and want the comforts of home when you visit your favorite hunting spot, then you are at the right place!

Our cabins will provide you with many years of enjoyment without breaking your budget!

As well as being great huntin cabins, they also make an excellent guest house, office, childrens playhouse, pool house, work-out room, or just a place to get away from all of the hustle and bustle!

For the outdoor sporting enthusiast, we have the perfect cabin for the weekend warrior!


Our Cabins

The Elk Series

At 320 square feet of living space, the Elk Series is the smallest of the Brock’s Huntin’ Cabins Series.

The open floor plan gives you the flexibility to tailor your cabin to fit your individual needs. Cabin consists of one large room, perfect for the single hunter or small family. The Elk Series is a great hideaway for weekend hunts or just to getaway.




The Bear Series

At 440 square feet of living space, the BEAR Series is the second smallest of Brock’s Huntin’ Cabins Series.

This cabin has a single bedroom with an open living area suitable for a wide variety of customizations. The closed-off bedroom adds the perfect amount of privacy that one may be looking for in a cabin.




The Whitetail Series

At 560 square feet of living space, the Whitetail Series three rooms to enjoy.

In addition to the open living area, the Whitetail Series has two additional bedrooms, perfect for a small hunting party, small family, or group of friends wanting to get away from it all.





The Moose Series

At 832 square feet of living space, the MOOSE Series is the LARGEST of Brock’s Huntin’ Cabins Series.

This cabin style offers two 16x20 rooms, and one 12x16 bedroom. This gives the owner the opportunity to create a master bedroom or perhaps an additional living area for all those hunting trophies.




Materials List

- 4 x 8 White Pine, borate treated (for wall and gables)

- 2 x 6 T&G SPF for main roof and porch roof

- Gasket, caulk and 9″ lag screws

- 2 x 10 ridge board

- 2 x 8 rafters

- Log blocking between rafters

- 6 x6 porch posts                                                                                                                               Sportsman Cabin shown

- Rafter collar ties

- 4 x 4 wall stiffener posts


For more information on pricing, blueprints, or other specifications, please visit our website!

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