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Where It All Started

It all began in 1998, with an idea between a couple of friends, Jack Peterson and Dale Caldwell, to put together a hunting video. That idea turned into a commitment, which then turned into a video and TV production company – Bridger Trail Video.

The Television Show

In 2000 and 2001, Jack and Dale started acquiring footage for a typical hunting video. Soon they had enough footage gathered that their idea for a video morphed into the idea of putting together an entire television show dedicated to hunting. However, at that time, only a limited number of networks carried that sort of outdoor programming, and the partners struggled to find air time. But in January of 2003, Bridger Trail Video landed a spot on the Sportsman’s Channel – one of the first few shows on that new channel. “The Best of The West” ran on Sportsman’s for a year, then started moving around the dial – they moved after just a year to The Man’s Channel, since that channel had a broader audience base on both Dish Network and Direct TV. After only a year or so on The Man’s Channel, they aired on networks such as VS., The Men’s Channel, and the Pursuit Channel, before finding their current home on The Outdoor Channel.

Since their debut in 2003, “The Best of the West” has produced over 180 episodes, and is still going strong. According to Nielsen ratings from 2010, “The Best of the West” reached 4.7 million households last year alone.


Our Products

Signature Series Rifle

huskemawThe long range expertise of The Best of the West and artistic craftsmanship of Cooper Firearms of Montana have come together to bring you the Best of the West Signature Series Rifles. These systems are a blend of state-of-the-art, high-tech machining and old world craftsmanship.

Every rifle is painstakingly hand crafted to the highest quality standards so that when you purchase one of these rifles, you are acquiring the material expression of America’s finest rifle makers.

On every rifle is mounted a Huskemaw Optics scope, the most advanced long range hunting scope available today, creating a turn-key system sure to extend your range and bring you a lifetime of hunting and shooting satisfaction.These turn-key systems are individually proven accurate to 1,000 yards. They are available in many calibers to meet all of your hunting and shooting needs. The features include composite molded stocks, cone bolt design, new model 560 stainless steel action, hand selected stainless steel premium match grade barrels, muzzle break with forward slant design, and muzzle thread protectors.

Huskemaw Optics

Huskemaw-Optics-sharpshootingHuskemaw was founded in 2006 to fill the demand created by the television show The Best of the West for long range shooting systems that work. A hundred years ago the elite gun makers crafted the best rifles in the world as a complete package with sights calibrated to custom ammo to match its drop.

We’ve taken the same design philosophy and applied it by using the most advanced methods and materials to create unrivaled systems. We take a system approach. We’re Wyoming hunting outfitters that provide some of the best deer and game hunting optics products you’ll find for precision shooting. Huskemaw optics are made custom for each gun. Unlike all conventional firearms, our long range shooting systems are capable of precision shooting at all ranges from zero to 1000 yards! Conceived and tested in the rugged Absorka mountain range west of Cody, Wyoming.

What sets the huskemaw apart? Huskemaw Scopes were built for hunting. The 3-12 optics are powerful and clear, and its configuration will help anyone who uses it shoot accurately at medium distances using advanced true BC technology. This scope was built, tested, and intended for the most extreme hunting environments. It is the only scope with a turret customized to the gun and load, marked in.

We invite you to experience the fit, the finish and the unbelievable ability to make the shot of a lifetime—time after time. Please view our range of products for your Wyoming deer hunting and nationwide big game hunting needs. Our products are built to our philosophy—Eliminate the Guess!


Contact Us!

Best of the West Productions, LLC is an award-winning outdoor video production company that started in 2003. It began with interests in long range hunting using a Remington Sendero and Leupold scope and later Cooper/Huskemaw rifle system with Berger Hunting Bullets. Along with a Pro Staff of expert shooters, the shows have guest hunters that demonstrate the effectiveness of this shooting system at extreme ranges. BOTW has expanded its production services to other clients in the outdoor industry. Call 1-866-754-7618 x111 for inquiries about video production.


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