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For 60 Years we here at Harts have been custom building and modifying long range bolt action rifles! We have been leaders in the industry with cutting edge custom hunting, competition, and law enforcement parts and accessories.

From rests to scopes, stocks to barrels, reloading equipment to cleaning accessories, we carry all you and your rifle will ever need! All firearm modifications and upgrades are performed to benchrest competition standards.

We are a full firearm machine shop and expert gunsmith facility! With innovative products like our custom actions, muzzle brakes, rests and reloading tools, one can feel confident that they are dealing with one of the pioneers of long range accuracy! Visit our website today

About Bobby Hart

Bob Hart was born in to a family tradition of custom gun builders and gunsmiths. He now has taken over the lead role from his father, Wally Hart, at Robert W. Hart and Son Inc. as a 4th generation custom rifle builder. Located in Nescopeck, Pennsylvania, this small, family run business is known world wide to the hunting, shooting, military and law enforcement industries. Some of Bob’s credits include:

  • 5 Time Jr. Bench Rest Champion
  • 1986 300YD Heavy Varmint Champ
  • 2000 1000YD World Open Championship Light Gun
  • 2001 IBS 1000YD International Championships High Score
  • A member of the Varmint Hunters 1500 Yard Club


Bob has shot over 13 groundhogs at over 1000 yards. His longest hit was an Elk at 1900 Yards. He has also filmed a number of shots, including African trips with 60” Kudu at over 500 yards. He has shot with and is involved with industry names like Allen Treadwell, Pat Reeves, Keith Powell (Sportsmen of North America), Bob Fulkrod, Jerry Martin, Brenda Valentine, and Bob Walker, just to name a few.

He now works with serveral television programs including Sportsman of North America, Northwood Adventures, Driven TV, Bass Pro Outdoor World, Bullseye Adventures and Southern Woods Adventures.

Bob specializes in Long Range Shooting and Hunting, Custom Rifle Building, and Reloading. He also offers an ‘accuracy package’ that has been proven to greatly increase the reliability of many ‘factory’ rifles. This combined with a Hart designed muzzlebrake are a few of the general gunsmith procedures done in-house. He currently has a couple Long Range Hunting Videos and is involved in holding long range shooting seminars.

Bob is extremely passionate about the hunting and shooting industry. His goal is to promote and excel in the industry. Bob’s motto is “Take a Hart on the Hunt!”, as he puts his heart into making it possible for the customer to make the “shot of their lives!”.

Hart 700 Long Range Muzzleloader

The Hart 700 Long Range Muzzleloader. The Hart 700 features a 28" Hart .50 Caliber barrel, shoots smokeless power, and exceeds 2600 ft per second with accuracy beyond 400 yards. Uses customer supplied Remington 700 action.

December '13 EARLY BIRD Door Prize - Hart Customized Factory Rifle

Value: $2250

Quantity: 1

The Hart Customized Factory Rifle package allows the Door Prize winner to choose between several options to create a Hart customized rifle. All eligible expo attendees that purchase a ticket by December 31, 2013 will be entered into this door prize drawing.

We start with a Remington stainless steel action and barrel (in a choice of 8 differrent calibers) and mate that to your choice of 6 stocks options. Add our Hart one-piece scope rings, Hart Muzzle Brake (available on Magnum calibers), and Hart Accurize package to complete the package. Option choices are listed below.

Hart Customized Factory Rifle

Shooting & Archery

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