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Whitetail Ridge Outfitters

1359 Logan Ave Tipton, Iowa


Our Locations:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Missouri

Where Big Bucks Live

Whitetail Ridge Outfitters got its start in Iowa in 2007 by providing high quality Whitetail hunts to a few lucky hunters. With the abundance of deer and the great management practices in place it was no surprise we had to expand our operation to keep up with the demand of the True Trophy Hunter. We have built our success off of providing high quality hunts on ground with low pressure while improving the habitat on our farms and strictly adhering to our management practices.

While we are expanding into new areas and increasing the opportunities for our hunters it is very important to note that we did not forget how we got here. That is iowa deerby keeping our camp sizes small and our pressure to a minimum. You will never see the large camps when hunting with Whitetail Ridge Outfitters as we believe what makes for a quality hunting experience is to have a personable experience with your guides and others in the camp. This cannot be done in large camps where you are just another number. With our small camp sizes we offer down home accommodations and concentrate on the individual needs of each hunter, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. We believe that Quality over Quantity is one of the pillars to our success.

We offer hunting opportunities in Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois. Our professional guides do what it takes and have the knowledge to put you in the position to harvest that Deer of a Lifetime. Our hunts are catered towards the True Trophy Hunter as we manage and grow some of the biggest Whitetails in the Country.


Hunting Grounds

We have sought out some of the best Trophy Hunting Properties in the Midwest. Our properties consist of hardwood timber ridges, corn/soybean fields, CRP grass fields, and many food plots. These properties are located in known Big Buck areas that have produced Boone and Crockett bucks in the past and will continue to do so into the future. Our farms are usually made up of a balanced mix of crop fields and wooded areas. This makes for a lot of edges and funnels on our properties, which is where we like to hunt when we are not hunting directly over a food source. While the size of each individual property may vary the potential to harvest a Giant Whitetail will not.

Management Policies

The key to keeping our properties A True Trophy Hunters Paradise is our management policies. We plant various food plots every year that hold the deer on our properties as well as increase the odds of you harvesting one of these great animals. Another important component in managing our herd is habitat management. We work year around on our farms to increase cover and add structure for the wildlife that call our properties home. This is done with countless hours of TSI work in our timbers and planting native grasses. We also uphold a minimum buck policy that will keep the hunting on our properties great for years to come.


Iowa Whitetail

wtr-iowaWe offer Archery, Shotgun, and Muzzleloader hunts.  Our fully guided hunts are all 5 day hunts and include lodging, meals, transportation to and from the Moline, IL airport, and transportation during your stay.  At Whitetail Ridge Outfitters our main goal is that you have a Trophy Whitetail experience.  That is why we limit the number of hunters we take to keep the pressure down. 

We will have several stand set ups per client in camp to make sure that we are constantly hunting “fresh” areas and can correctly hunt the wind at all times.

We offer  hunts in Iowa NR zones 5,6,7 and 8. 


Missouri Whitetailwtr-mo

We have built off of our success in Iowa for the past several seasons and now have decided to offer high quality hunts in Northern Missouri. We have acquired some of the best hunting properties Northern Missouri has to offer. These properties are littered with big buck sign and have been producing high quality bucks for several years. With the addition of food plots, proper habitat management, our herd management practices, and low pressure these farms are bound to be top notch whitetail producing properties.

Our fully guidedhunts include transportation, guide, lodging, andmeals.We also have some limited Semi-Guided opportunities in Missouri so contact us for details. The hardwood ridges and vast agricultural fields have also led to a dense population of Eastern Wild Turkeys. If you are looking to get on multiple birds then this hunt is for you.

Illinois Whitetail


WTR Ill BuckWe offer hunts on over 4000 acres of beautiful Whitetail habitat in Illinois. Illinois has long been known for its Giant Whitetails and readily available tags. It is a highly sought after state for the Whitetail enthusiast. We have acquired some of the best properties that Illinois has to offer in our quest to offer the True Trophy Hunter an opportunity of a lifetime.


Our Illinois camps are not your typical Illinois camps. Our camp size will remain small just as it does in Iowa and you will be getting Quality over Quantity. We take pride in offering each of our hunters a personable experience that they will remember for a lifetime. In Illinois the archery tags are readily available and the gun tags can be drawn during the mid-summer months.



Indiana Whitetail



WTR IN BuckWelcome to the Hoosier State! Whitetail Ridge in now offering high quality trophy hunts in Indiana. It has been a sleeper state for a few years and is now one of the premier Whitetail Destinations in the Midwest. We have over 4000 acres of prime Hoosier buck properties in West Central Indiana. We have worked hard to put together THE Premier camp in all of Indiana. If you are serious about hunting hard and getting after some of these Indiana giants then you are in the right place.


You can expect the same quality of hunt in Indiana as any hunt we offer. Low pressure, a lot of deer, and small camp sizes make for a great hunt and your chance at a giant Hoosier buck. Indiana offers tags that are for sale over the counter and is a one buck state.


DIY Trophy Whitetail Hunts


WTR DIYFor the DIY hunter or someone looking for a little less guidance we are offering semi-guided hunts. This is your chance to get after a Monster Buck on your own terms. Whichever property you hunt will be yours for 7 days. We have properties of all sizes to accommodate almost any group size. The farm you hunt will not be pressured before your arrival so you are hunting a fresh area. Our SG hunts do not include a guide, meals, or lodging. Depending on which state you are hunting, if we have room in the lodge you can stay there for $50/night which includes 3 meals a day along with your spot at the lodge, check with us for availability. Otherwise there are local camp grounds, motels, and restaurants. These hunts are available for archery season and, on a very limited basis, some of our gun seasons.Our Semi-Guided hunts are available in Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri.  Visit our website for more info and prices.

Turkey Hunts

The hardwood ridges and vast agricultural fields have also led to a dense population of Eastern Wild Turkeys. If you are looking to get on multiple birds then this hunt is for you.

Non-resident permit availability in Iowa is good and Missouri tags are sold over the counter. We offer flexible dates during the mid-April to mid-May season.

Please contact us if you are interested in a spring hunt.

Check out our website for hunt prices and for additional photos in our extensive photo gallery.  Book your hunt today!


Fully Guided 5 Day Missouri Trophy Whitetail Rifle Hunt

Value: $3500

Quantity: 1

5 day trophy whitetail hunts on 3500 acres in Northern Missouri. Missouri is also known for producing some great bucks. When on a fully guided hunt with us in Missouri you will be provided with lodging, linens for your stay, continental breakfast, sack lunch, and a hot dinner. We will also assist in the tracking of your trophy, gutting, caping to the base of the skull, and harvest pictures after the hunt. Bucks taken with a bow must be at least 130 and bucks taken with a gun must be at least 140. There is a $1000 penalty for any buck taken under the minimum requirements, this penalty is not enforced on any deer that is 4 + years old.

Hunt can be taken in November 2014 or November 2015.

Missouri tags(not included) are available over the counter and can be purchased over the internet or at a local store upon arrival. Other costs not included: transportation to our lodge in Kahoka MO, hunting license. Cost for guests/non-hunters is $100 per night.

Located in: Hunting Hall

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