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Kuche Safaris

PO Box 734 Lephalale, South Africa


Our Locations:

  • Colorado

Welcome to Kuche Safaris!

In Swahili, the word "Kuche" means: “To be busy and happy for the whole day from dawn to dusk” This is our promise to you. Pure enjoyment and a personal touch!

For many people it’s a lifelong dream to go on a safari to Africa be it a photo safari or hunting experience. When going on a safari to any unknown country, there arise a lot of questions that needs to be answered. We realize that you have to put your trust, values and money in the hands of a stranger at the time.

We want you to experience and enjoy your Safari with your loved ones and friends. You will be pampered by our staff in our family friendly camps and environment. We are committed to conservation, fair chase and most important; our promise to you.


Why Kuche Safaris

- We offer top-end professionalism
- 80 - 90% Returning clients and lots of references
- We do not ignore any problems, big or small
- Guaranteed trophies and quality accommodation
- Family and friendship are very important to us
- We cater for your every need
- We turn your safari into an unforgettable experience
- No hidden costs! what we quote is what you pay


Rifle Hunting

With all the modern techniques and technology involved in rifles and ammunition nowadays. Hunting should have become easier and more comfortable. But remember out in the African bush there’s always wild animals that you are not familiar with then all the above are canceled out.

Here at Kuche Safaris we believe not to shoot our clients wounded animals. It is your hunt and your animal we will try our best to find it but you should finish it unless you want us to help you. On big 5 and dangerous game it is a different situation but as far as possible you have the first opportunity always.

Most of your hunting will be spotting and then be stalking. We use your age and physical abilities as our guide and consult with you all the time. Your hunt is built around you and your abilities.


Bow Hunting

To bow hunt in South - Africa is not as expensive as you might think and don‘t need heavy or hi – tech equipment to hunt your dream animals. If you can hit on 20 – 30 yards with your 55 – 70 pound bow your dream is in your hands. Obviously on walk and stalk hunts you should be able to shoot at longer distances. If you compare an Africa bow hunt to an Alaska – or Western- United States hunt you will definitely be surprised with the value for money factor and then with the adventure itself. Please do yourself a favor and take the time to do the comparison.

With Kuche Safaris it is not a one or two shot deal – you will have lots of different species and lots of wild game in front of you everyday. Clients will testify of having 50 and more animals in front of them at a time. If you want to our facilities are big enough that you can bring a companion with and take lots of photo‘s while you hunt. On a regular basis we hear from our clients that they have seen more game in one day than in their whole hunting careers.


Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso (ex Haute Volta) covers 106 000 square miles with a population of 10 million inhabitants. Altitude is 650-1650 ft. The capital is Ouagadougou; it is bordered in the North by Mali, in the East by Niger, in the West by Mali and Ivory Coast, in the South by Ghana, Togo and Benin. The country is poor in natural resources; agriculture is the main source of income. The North is a dessert region, the wetter West is agricultural and is covered with shrubby savannah which the wild animals love. This country remains one of the most abounding in game of West Africa. We find a lot of Elephants, Hippos, Crocodiles, Buffaloes, Lions and many varieties of antelope, Warthogs and Monkeys.


Photographic Safaris

We at Kuche Safaris also cater for the non-hunting nature lover and adventurer. With our tours and out of the ordinary set-ups you will feel and be part of nature exactly like you dreamed of it...

Well designed and organized photographic safaris are arranged and undertaken. Our licensed and well experienced guides will share their knowledge and experiences with you throughout your safari in our beautiful country. On your request your safari can be tailor made to fit your expectations and needs. You will be taken places where wild animals still roam in their natural habitat. Where animals are relaxed and live like they used to. You need to be part of this.

Packages 2014

Packages are for 1 or 2 persons – both can hunt from the same package (bring a partner at no cost)

Package 1 - PRO SPECIAL

Northern-Cape = $5,250.00
6 nights, 6 days                                   
* Kudu, Impala, Springbuck, Gemsbuck & Blue Wildebeest

Package  2 - ...TO REMEMBER

Limpopo = $5,250.00
6 nights, 6 days
* Kudu, Impala, Blue Wildebeest & Warthog

Included in packages 3 & 4 are shoulder mounts with our taxidermist for 1 Impala, 1 Warthog and 1 Blue Wildebeest @ $900 for all 3. (no discount if not used)

Package 3 - FUN IN THE SUN

Northern-Cape = $7,500.00
10 nights, 10 days                          

* Visit to Douglas Winery                      
* Cape Kudu                               
* Brown Blesbuck                              
* Common Springbuck                                                                      
* Steenbuck or Duiker                         
* Gemsbuck or Black Wildebeest                 
* Blue Wildebeest                                       
* Impala                     
* Warthog

Package 4 - A HUNTER'S DREAM

Limpopo = $8,850.00
10 nights, 10 days (add 1 rest day at no cost)

* Visit to a Wildlife Center + Elephant Back Ride (For 1 person)
Kudu or Waterbuck or Eland
* Brown Blesbuck
* Warthog
* Blue Wildebeest
* Gemsbuck or Zebra
* Impala
* non-trophy Impala
* Steenbuck or Duiker


Limpopo & Northern-Cape = $8,850.00

- 10 nights, 10 days  (add 1 day extra for traveling ~ no cost)
- This package is for 2 persons: Both can hunt, 1 Guide and 1 Vehicle
- Also included in this package is a visit to the Wildlife Center and an Elephant Back ride for one person.
- To swap the Cape Kudu for the bigger Greater Kudu, add $700 to the package price total.


* Common Springbuck    
* Gemsbuck or Black Wildebeest or Red Hartebeest
* Brown Blesbuck
* Steenbuck
* Cape Kudu


* Impala
* Blue Wildebeest
* Warthog
* Bushbuck or Zebra
* Genet cat, Baboon & Jackal - free on opportunity

For more information, come visit our website!


Enjoy our video for 2014!


10 Day Hunting Trip to South Africa

Value: $11,000

Quantity: 1

Kuche Safaris has donated a 10 day hunt in Limpopo, South Africa. On your trip you will have the chance to hunt two of the each: Impala, Blue Wildbeest & Warthog.

While there you will stay at thespacious main camp that is situated 3 ½ hours drive from Johannesburg International airport in the Limpopo Province near Lephalale.

Your hunt icludes:
- Meals, Laundry & Drinks
- All water, beverages & wine in camp and on hunt.
- Professional Hunter and all Staff.
- Preparation of trophies.
- Transport to and from JHB Airport.
- Transport to and from all hunting areas, unless otherwise quoted
- Rifle Importation

Located in: Hunting Hall

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