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Swanspoint Outfitters

Site 14 Box 28 RR#2 Barrhead, Alberta


Our Locations:

  • Alberta

Welcome to Swanspoint Outfitters!

We work hard to provide our clients with an exciting, Canadian bear hunting adventure. We don't use baits, so if sitting around and waiting isn't your thing- we have a hunt for you! We pride ourselves in providing a "different" kind of bear hunt and offering an amazing hunting adventure!  The zone we hunt is a 2 Bear area, with no trophy fee. We hunt an area where you may encounter moose, deer, wolves and Grizzly Bear.


Are you ready for a Canadian Black Bear Hunt?

Our hunting zone is located in north-central Alberta, there is little local pressure on these bears as it is a non-baiting zone.  The terrain that we hunt varies from muskeg to high ground, all within the boreal forest. It is a 100% fair chase, spot and stalk hunt. We use Argo's, ATV's, UTV's and 4x4 Trucks to get you to and around our hunting ground. We hunt in open cut blocks, cutlines, as well as old logging roads and oilfeild roads. 


Our camp is located in the bush and allows quick access to fantastic hunting ground, and allows you to experience first hand the beauty of nature and the wilderness that our country has to offer! 


Our camp is just that, a camp. It is rugged, but at the same time comfortable. We do have a portable shower facility to use to clean up after a full day of hunting. All of the meals are home made and prepared at camp. We sleep on cots in outfitters tents with two hunters per tent unless previously arranged.  The tents are heated with wood stoves to keep you warm and cozy throughout the night. 


Our hunts are 6 days long, from Monday to Saturday. We provide transportation to and from the Edmonton International Airport. We also provide a hotel room in Barrhead the Sunday night before the hunt and the Saturday night after the hunt.


Excellent opportunity to harvest a color phase bear!


Hunt Dates Available:

Spring 2015

May 18 - 23

May 25 - 30

 June 1-6


For more information, come visit our website!

Located in: Hunting Hall

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