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Comre Safaris

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Our Locations:

  • South Africa

Welcome to Comre Safaris

Comre Safaris offers a unique and unforgettable hunting adventure. 

Our experienced lodge staff will ensure that clients enjoy traditional African cuisine and hospitality, while our professional hunters, guides and trackers will amaze you with their knowledge of the natural environment and its inhabitants. 

Our three privately owned lodges are set within acres of pristine bush, teeming with an abundance of wildlife. Admire the beauty of the striking surroundings and the game that roam free.

There is no substitute for the thrill experienced whilst ethically hunting dangerous game, as this is our specialty. Our access to numerous concessions in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, allows us to provide clients with top quality Cape Buffalo, leopard, lion, elephant, rhino and crocodile. 

After a day’s hunting, guests can relax under the magnificent African sunset and spend evenings around campfires, creating memories of a lifetime.

Hunting Areas

South Africa

South Africa is arguably one of the greatest success stories of African Wildlife Management where conservation programmers over the last fifty years has resulted in certain species being brought back from near extinction and now offer huntable surpluses.

South Africa is one of the few countries in Africa where all of the Big Five can be taken without leaving her borders and consequently Comre Safaris offers this fantastic opportunity to our clients with a variety of great areas available to us.


Namibia is one of Africa’s top hunting and wildlife sightseeing countries. Its enormous size, one of the lowest populations in the world with resultant incredibly low population density and abundant wildlife, qualify it as an outstanding hunting and safari paradise. The Namibian government is pro-hunting and view sustainable use of their environment as a tool to grow their national economy, provide jobs, food and create revenue and visiting hunters therefore welcome.

From the harsh, flat open rock terrain in the south with its Springbuck and Gemsbok herds, to the vast Namib desert and enormous sand dunes on the eastern seaboard, to its rocky inselbergs in the north with greater Kudu, Klipspringer and Baboons next to the Kunene and Okavango rivers with Hippos and Crocs to the brush and Mopani forests of the Caprivi strip with Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard, Namibia offer the true outdoorsman unparalleled possibilities and opportunities.

Namibia produces very limited, but extremely heavy Elephant ivory from time to time. In addition to Elephant, four other species need to be specifically mentioned regarding hunting. Firstly, it is the only country in the world today where limited and regulated Cheetah hunting still is available, although USA hunters are not allowed to import their Cheetah trophy under present CITES rules and regulations into the US. Secondly, as is the case in South Africa, very limited and regulated hunting of specific Black rhino bulls are sometimes allowed. Leopard hunting also are good as the country offers one of the biggest CITES quotas for this cat on the African continent. Last, but not least, is the diminutive Damaraland dik-dik, one of the “pygmy antelope” which is endemic to the north-western areas of the country and a fitting trophy for serious trophy hunters who wants that extra special specie to round off an African specie collection.


For the Hunter who wants more than just trophies, but also to enjoy true traditional track hunting, Mozambique offers the ultimate experience. The areas we hunt in are vast open natural land, where game still roams freely as far as the eye can see.

The North Cabo Delgado Province, where our main concession is located, is home to some magnificent elephant, hippo, crocodile and buffalo. Mozambique boasts some of the best trackers in the world. It is not, however, for the faint hearted, as you can to walk up to 20km a day tracking potential game in extreme heat. The reward of a top quality trophy makes it an exciting and unforgettable adventure. Traditional safari style en-suite tents or bungalow accommodation is offered, with fine dining and three course meals.


One of Africa’s best kept secrets, this jewel of a country is still producing some huge elephants and leopards. With well managed

concession areas ,comfortable accommodation and friendly staff, we specialise in hunting leopards over hounds, and obtain quota every season in great areas across Zimbabwe.



Comre Safaris offers clients a variety of hunting styles, such as ‘spot and stalk’ in the Comre Mountains and Zululand bush, where shots could be as close as 10 yards, or as far as 300 yards.

Alternatively, clients can opt for tracking lion in the Kalahari or for buffalo and elephant in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Another exhilarating Hunting method is a leopard hunt accompanied by our resident hound pack.


Our bow hunting concessions include over 25 hides to choose from for hunting plains game. Birds blend perfectly into the surrounding areas and multiple game species can be observed at the same time, as they make their way past. There is never a dull moment. For the more experienced or adventurous Bow hunter, we hunt all our big game on foot, tracking them down and approaching to within 10-20 yards for a good shot opportunity. Nothing comes close to the mixture of adrenalin, fear and pure exhaustion experienced when 10 yards from a growling lion with only a bow in hand... and the same goes for buffalo or bow hunting a leopard with our well trained dogs.


The emphasis of our Wingshooting Safaris is to provide our clients with a wide variety of quality shooting experiences and the opportunities to collect a number of different African Waterfowl and Upland Game Birds. Our population management strategies do not allow for anything other than reasonable bag limits; the reason for this is that we only hunt free living, wild game birds.

For more informations on our safaris, please visit our website.

Come live your African Dream with Comre Safaris!

7 Day South Africa Plains Game Hunt

Value: $3150

Quantity: 1

7 Day South African Plains Game safari for one rifle hunter with Comre Safaris. Lodging included: Thatched Lodge & Chalets with private rooms and baths, Meals and Laundry. The dates for this safari are March 2014 - October 2014.

HUNT: 7 Day hunt for 1 Rifle Hunter

DONOR: Comre Safaris

VALUE: $3,150.00


DATE: March 2014 – October 2014

ACCOMMODATIONS: Thatched Lodge & Chalets with private rooms and baths, Meals and Laundry. Local beverages

LOCATION: Comre Lodge, Eastern Cape, South Africa

TRANSPORTATION: Airport Pick-up & Drop-off not include. $300.00 per vehicle.

Additional days may be added: hunters may be added for 450.00 per person per day and non-hunters for $200.00 per person per day. Rifle rentals are available at $75.00 pp per day.

SPECIAL NOTES: Hunters & Non-Hunters are responsible for all airfare to and from South Africa. Trophy fees for additional species will be off the 2013 price sheet. We offer over 20 thousand quality hunting acres, which is home to more than 40 species of plains game.

Located in: Hunting Hall

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