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You must purchase an Expo ticket before you can enter into the Expo photo contest.  Additionally, you must have a Facebook account.  Click HERE to register on Facebook if you don't already have an account - only takes a minute or so and it's Free.

Entries may be made from 3:00 pm Thursday 2/27/14 to 9:00 pm Sunday 3/2/14 during the Live Expo event. Public voting is open from 3:00 pm Thursday 2/27/14 thru Noon Monday 3/31/14.  All times Eastern Standard Time.
The contests are open to amateur photographers only.
Judging will take place after the Expo ends.  First phase of judging will be by popular vote with the top 5 entries in each category moving to the final round where the contest judge will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each category.


Three Categories: 1) Best Whitetail Buck, 2) Best Big Game Pic, 3) Other/Miscellaneous.

Click HERE to submit your entries.


Trail Camera Contest Photo Guidelines, & Photo Judging

Guidelines are difficult here, because the subjects take the photos of themselves.  However, good camera placement will help you get better images and better backgrounds.  Be careful of objects (branches, leaves, etc.) in the foreground; they can show as white spots on photos taken in low light.  Set the camera at a distance its flash or infrared system can deliver enough lighting.  For deer and big game, set the camera high and angle it downward; any light created will be less likely to go into the animal’s eyes and thus be less alarming.  Not all deer have equal sensitivity to a trail camera’s actions.

Remember that the fewer steps you take, the less scent you lay down.  Some hunters never get off their ATV.  It’s best to wear latex gloves when handling the camera to minimize your scent presence.

Judging?  We look for photos that show the subject well in an interesting setting/background.  Photos taken in daylight rank high; this means they were taken during shooting hours.  Photos from the middle of the night show you what’s there, and that you next must find how to see them in a shooting hours setting.


Three categories-- 1) Wildlife; 2) Scenery; 3) Miscellaneous/Other Outdoor Pic

Outdoor Contest Photo Guidelines, & Photo Judging

Click HERE to submit your entries.

Photos will be judges with the following approach:  Rule of Thirds: - 1) overall composition, 2) framing, lighting, creativity of the topic, and 3) the photographic unit as a whole. All factors are important.

JUDGE - John Warr

John Warr began his art career in 1980 concentrating mainly on wildlife. Over the next ten years Warr worked with many wildlife organizations along with winning many awards including the 1988-1989 Alabama Duck Stamp competition. Warr grew up surrounded by the beauty of his beloved Guntersville Lake area of rural Northeastern Alabama. He found the beauty of Lake Guntersville and it's bounty of wildlife. He grew to love the outdoors and it's natural beauty. When John began drawing, at the age of twenty-one, he created drawings of the river wildlife, mainly waterfowl. When John created his first color works, about four years later, river wildlife remained his primary interest. In 1989 Warr accidentally ventured into the field of Civil War art. With his interest in the Civil War and some photos from Civil War reenactments, he decided to do a  scene showing a group of Confederate soldiers marching across a field while two Whitetail Deer watch from a distance. With no intentions of printing the piece, Warr carried it to a few shows and the response was unbelievable.
Over the last twenty years Warr has spent most of his time painting Civil War scenes, but he hasn't completely given up on his wildlife. In many of his major pieces, the scenes have wildlife as the subject or somewhere in the background. He has also expanded his subject interest for his original paintings to Western and Delta Blues.
Warr resides in rural Northern Alabama, Scottsboro, with his wife Tammy and three daughters Lauren, Lindsey, Laney, and grandson Ethan. There he owns and  operates Warr Art Gallery and Custom Frame Shop. John recently joined Global Outfitters, a Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting Travel Adventure Site and Wildlife Art Gallery as their Art Director.


Top 3 photos in each category win choice of the following: 5 Day Ontario Fishing Trip worth $1500, 3 Day Kansas Spring Turkey Hunt worth $1000, 3 Day Kansas Varmint/Coyote Hunt worth $750.  All trips are provided by Horseshoe Hill Outfitters.  Visit the website for additional details.

Winning photographs will be posted on the Expo website and Facebook Page for all to see and enjoy.

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