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LevelLok Shooting Systems

105 S. 12th St. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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  • Pennsylvania
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Welcome to LevelLok Shooting Systems!

Levellok is a family owned and operated business. The owner Brad Brubach has designed and invented all of the units. His love for hunting is how the business got started back in 1996.

Our goal is really to just bring a great affordable product to our customers. Our products have been field tested and designed for the hunter and shooter, by a hunter and a shooter with years of experience in the field.

Whether you are a big game hunter, bird hunter or a recreational shooting enthusiast there is a Levellok product designed to promote accuracy and self confidence. Our new tripod has helped the youngest of hunters and on up and also has been a great assistance with our lady hunters. We have also been of great help with the police academies, tactical groups, men of service and also the physically challenged hunter. So as you can see Levellok is not only a product for the hunters needs. We have a product for everyone and every situation. Our goal is to allow you to shoot with accuracy and confidence.

Our Products


The Levellok Monopod, is an ALL-in-One shooting system for stabilizing your weapons, (including a crossbow), and optics. The versatility of the Monopod gives you a rock solid rest no matter which type of hunting style you choose- on the ground, or in a tree stand. It is very lightweight at 12 ounces and durable enough to be used as a hiking stick. It has adjustable flip-tab cams that prevents the leg from collapsing in cold weather temperature and makes it easy to adjust. It collapses to 23” making it easy to carry with the shoulder strap. It can also fit nicely in a backpack or a suitcase. It comes with a hiking handle, base plate (for tree stand applications), and a Deluxe V-cradle.



The Levellok Bipod gives you a rock solid rest no matter which type of hunting you choose. The Bipod is lightweight at 1lb, 1 ounce and very durable. It is very versatile and can be used in the Kneeling, sitting or standing positions. It has Flip-tab cams which allows for split-second adjustments. It comes with a Deluxe V-cradle and rotational spiked feet which allows for both rock and dirt applications. It collapses down to 26” making it easy to carry with the shoulder strap. It can also fit nicely in a backpack or suitcase for hiking or travel.



The Levellok Tripod/Multipod is a uniquely designed tripod that quickly and easily converts from a tripod to a bipod or a monopod. It is 3 units in one! Whatever situation you maybe in out in the field this unit will handle  it. It’s uniquely designed “center cradle slide” allows you to make last minute split second height adjustments without having to adjust the legs. The legs have Flip-tab cams that prevent the legs from collapsing in cold temperatures and make it easy to adjust. It is very light-weight at 2lbs 2 ounces as a tripod. It collapses to 28” making it easy to carry with the shoulder strap and also fit nicely in a backpack or suitcase for travel.  It is also great to use for photography and comes with a camera mount adapter. It also includes the rubber base plate for tree stand applications and the deluxe V-cradle.


Tripod/Multipod Midget

The Tripod/Multipod midget is the smaller version of our tripod. It has all the same features, although it allows the hunter to go from a prone,  to a kneeling  or sitting position. It will extend from 9” to 22 inches. It weighs 1lb and 5 ounces.  It also has the “center cradle slide” allowing you to make last minute split second adjustments without having to adjust the legs. It has quite flip-tab cams on the legs for split second adjustments. Fold ups so small and compact that you will be able to take it along with comfort and ease. It also comes with a camera mount adapter for your camera or spotting scope and a deluxe V-cradle.


Hiking Stick

The Leverlok Hiking Stick is a durable light-weight 2 sectioned walking stick with twist cams. The handle pivots 90 degrees for comfort in either position and also has a built in compass to navigate out in the woods.  It also includes a rock-tip that removes to expose a ski tip which allows you to use it as a ski pole with the removable mud/snowbasket. It has durable nylon wrist strap and when the compass is removed it has an exposed ¼ thread ball head to attach a camera or biniculors.



For more details on these products and our many accessories, come visit our website!

LevelLok Promotional Video - Enjoy!

LevelLok Tripod/Multipod

Value: $120

Quantity: 5

LevelLok Shooting Systens has dontated Tripod/Multi-pod with an extra V-cradle and Hip Holster Tripodis 3 units in one. It can be used as a monopod, bipod and tripod.
Comes with a camera mount adapter, rubber base plate and rock and field tips.

Shooting & Archery

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