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Best Selling Product Lines

Accuracy International Rifles     

Accuracy International Rifles

Eurooptic offers the full line of Accuracy International rifles and accessories. The original Accuracy International Rifle design incorporated performance enhancing features learned in Olympic and International target shooting onto a rifle platform exhibiting full military ruggedness. As always, current designs faithfully follow the original concept but also benefit from thirty five years of continuous improvement, driven solely by the needs of highly trained professional users worldwide.


Meopta Scopes & Binoculars - EuroOptic

Meopta is a Czech company who specializes in manufacturing optical devices and in particular rifles scopes, spotting scopes and binoculars. Meopta has in house research, design and development as well as considerable OEM capability. This capacity and the long standing Meopta reputation for just in time high quality manufacturing is why many other premium optics manufacturers in Europe partner with or outsource manufacturing to Meopta.

Nightforce Scopes     

Nightforce Rifle Scopes

Nightforce scope research and testing continues to develop new standards in manufacturing and quality control. Most Nightforce scopes are assembled in Idaho with many models made from start to finish right here in the USA. All Nightforce scopes are 100% inspected and certified, passing vigorous testing prior to shipping. This commitment to performance by using cutting edge technology and advanced mechanical designs focused on the features that shooters ask for is the reason Nightforce continues an unparalleled rise to the top of the rifle scope market.

Schmidt Bender Riflescopes     

Schmidt Bender logo

What Schmidt Bender scope is right for me? The answer depends.

Most dangerous game is taken at close range. Utilizing a short focal length scope like the Schmidt Bender Zenith 1.1-4x24 is ideal. This Schmidt Bender scope has a wide field of view which allows you to pick out your target quickly and shoot with both eyes open on low magnification.

For all-around shooting, consider the Schmidt Bender Zenith 1.5-6 x 42. Set on low magnification, it is perfect for close shots in thick forest and bush, while set on high magnification it gives the ability to make most of the longer shots that you may encounter.

If you tend to hunt open country, or game typically requiring longer shots, most hunters want higher magnification. If you hunt varmints, the Schmidt Bender Varmint 4-16 x 50 is the only first focal plane model in its class. It offers a specialized reticle for small targets at extended ranges.

Another frequent question is whether or not an illuminated reticle might be valuable. Our opinion is that if you can afford the extra cost of an illuminated reticle, buy it! You only need to miss the shot of a lifetime once to regret not having had it. Although an illuminated reticle does add about three ounces to your gun, the ability to shoot much later or earlier in the day makes it well worth having.

We would be happy to make recommendations on which Schmidt Bender Scope is best for you based upon your hunting habits and your rifle. Whatever you like to hunt, there is a Schmidt Bender scope that has proven itself in every corner of the globe.

Sako Rifles     

Sako Logo

Sako Rifles are legendary for accuracy and reliability. The Sako firearms reputation is long standing for both Sako Tactical Rifles as well as Sako Hunting Rifles. The Sako TRG is the industry standard for military and police rifles while the Sako 85 is regarded as the king of the deep woods and mountains where hunters need rugged reliability. So no matter your hunting style or use, Sako has a rifle to meet your needs and it will always exceed your expectations.

Swarovski Optik     

Swarovski Logo

Wilhelm Swarovski founded Swarovski Optik in the 1940’s pioneering crystal polishing techniques for fine jewelry. This was the beginning of what would become the company we now know for world-class innovation in optics. Precision, progress, and technology built the Swarvoski family name making Swarovski Optik products the first choice for the most demanding professional users and optics enthusiasts world wide. The company’s strength comes from functional design, elegance, ruggedness, and unparalleled optical performance.


This section of, Used and Discounted Items, represents a collection of various products that we have in our inventory that are specially priced, demonstration (demo) models or lightly used products that have been taken in trade with our customers.  We also list many products that we have drastically reduced in price and can pass the saving on to our loyal customers.  We feature optics, firearms and various accessories here that reflect a discounted price over our normal product line.  We urge you to look at the products listed and to regularly monitor this section as it is ever changing.

Eurooptic has developed a set of product criteria that we utilize for grading our used and demo products.  We recommend customers view these grading standards to help understand how we list those items.


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Here are a few photos and comments from our friends, enjoy!


"This great picture was sent to us by one of the finest gentlemen that I have ever met, Mr Ronald Goux"


A quick note from our good friends Chris Bilkey and Craig Boddington.

Hi Guys,
Just a note to say thank you.  Here is a Pic of Craig & myself with a Blaser R8 and a New Zealand Elk.

Thanks guys!
Chris Bilkey

Track & Trail Safaris New Zealand



Alex here is a picture of the Red Stag my wife Janice shot in New Zealand with the 1.7x10 Swarovski I got from you.  One shot at 87 yards with her 270 win. Blaser done the job.
Thanks Again


Alex I thought I would send you a picture of the Tahr I took with the Blaser Success you got me in 7mm STW one shot at 332 yards.
Thanks Again.


Just returned from South Africa.  The Schmidt and Bender 4-16 TDS Classic scope and the Zeiss Binocular range finders I got from Eurooptic performed flawlessly and allowed me to take some awesome animals on this trip.  As always Alex, Job well done in supporting me with fantastic optics and great advice.

Harry Sanders


Dear Alex and Jason,

    The R8 performed very well week before last in Germany. I have attached a photo of it and its helper with a 5 point 4 year old Rehbuck. We were lucky enough to also get a 6 point 5 year old Rehbuck and one of the only four pigs I saw in a week.   By the way, Leica 10X32's and S & B 3-12 also products of Eurooptics.  Thanks for your help.

    Best regards,
Gene Wirwahn


The Alaskan winter countryside between Anchorage and Nome where the Iditarod  just finished 3 weeks ago is absolutely beautiful, and an areas that few men have traveled.  So if you have any interest in hunting the elusive Iditarod Grizzly Bear with Tom Gray in the springtime on snowmobiles or in late August/September on 4 wheelers please give him a call at 888-353-2473.

Barry's Iditarod Grizzly 2011


The SAKO 85 .300 Win Mag was dialed in with the Z5 3.5-18X44 BT system. I took the 7X8 stag which scored 280 SCI at 550 yards the second longest kill shot ever taken on the property.

Thanks for a great rifle!
Greg Enos, Swarovski Optik


Herbert Sammut of Malta sent us some nice pictures of his most recent trip to South Africa. Herbert used his Sako Kodiak 375 H&H and a Swaro Z6 1-6x24.


My good friends Luis and Braulio Romero of Desert Hunt sent us this fabulous photo of one of their 2011 sheep harvests. Taken on the island of Tiburon this ram is what any sheep hunter dreams of.




"Hi Alex,
Sorry for the late reply.  Our internet services and power have been affected by the recent flooding in our home town of Brisbane in Australia. I have attached a really cool image of a farmer rounding up a few kangaroos that were trying to swim across his farm that was in flood. Kangaroos can swim quite well, but not for miles across the floodplains.  Roo’s are usually quite nervous of humans and stay right away from us. These are wild animals, not pets. They can bite, kick and scratch but are generally harmless but I think nature made an exemption in this case. The farmer is boating across the area he usually has his crops on and taking the Roos to higher ground where they will be safe. Thought you guys might be interested."

Geoff Baker


2010 photo courtesy of Johnny Casner at Arizona High Country Outfitters.


This ram was killed by Amy Pagliaro guided by her husband Geno Pagliaro in the kootneys of B.C. with a 270 wsm and with the help of your optics! Thank you Geno and Amy!


JJA van Staden shows off his 2010 cape buffalo.


This fabulous picture is of my long time friend Rodrigo Villarreal and his 2010 Alaskan Brown Bear. Nobody deserves a bear like this more than him.

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