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Wolverine Lodge

607 3rd Avenue SW Long Prairie, Manitoba


Our Locations:

  • Manitoba

Welcome to Wolverine Lodge!

Located on beautiful Vandekerckhove Lake in the pristine wilderness of Northwest Manitoba, Wolverine Lodge offers you some of Canada's finest Trophy Pike and Walleye fishing. Our family has owned and operated Wolverine Lodge for 31 years. During this time we have learned what it takes to provide you with the fishing experience of a lifetime.





Vandekerckhove Lake is designated as a "High Quality" fishery by the province of Manitoba and is located in the heart of unspoiled wilderness northwest of Lynn Lake, Manitoba.

Our remote location, the short fishing season, and size of our lake, keep fishing pressure to a minimum. To maintain the high quality of fishing in our lakes we practice a strict Catch and Release Policy for all Northern Pike. As a result, our fishing is as good as it has ever been, and our guests have a legitimate opportunity to catch several Manitoba Master Angler Pike (41 inches or larger) on each trip.

Northern Pike

In late May and June, Northern Pike will be found in shallow water near the back end of bays, river and creek inlets and outlets. Casting small and medium spoons, spinners and plugs is effective in early spring. As the water begins to warm, the fish will be found near the same areas but in somewhat deeper water and near emerging weed growth.

During the summer months of July and August the pike will begin to relocate to weed beds near deeper water. This is the time to get out the large spoons, plugs, spinners and jerk baits.Big lures mean big fish during this period.

During September the weed beds begin to die off and the pike will move to points and bars. Large lures are still effective at this time. The best time to fish for pike is usually from 11:00 a.m. until around 5:00 p.m. and then again before dusk with surface lures.


In late May and June, Walleyes can be found in many of the same areas as the pike. Areas of moving water such as rapids, creek and river inlets and outlets, are good spots. As spring transitions into summer, walleyes may still be located near incoming rivers, but many will head into the main lake and relocate to points, islands, bars and rock piles near deeper water. Casting and trolling minnow baits, spinners and jigs are the methods of choice for catching "Old Marble Eyes".

As fall approaches the walleye will again school up and congregate near islands, points and river inlets. The best time of the day to catch walleyes is in the morning and late evening right up until dark. On cloudy rainy days, fishing can be good all day.

Lake Trout

Lake Trout are caught in 7 to 20 feet of water during late May and June. During the months of July and August the fish move into deeper water ranging from 20 to 50 feet. Lake Trout are caught by trolling large spoons, spinners or diving plugs around rocky points and reefs adjacent to deep water. Casting the same lures or jigging in these locations is also effective. The opportune times to fish for "Lakers" are on cloudy or rainy days or when there is a chop on the water. Early morning or evening fishing can also be productive when the weather conditions are just too nice during the middle of the day. Keep in mind that Lake Trout can be nomadic in their behavior and will migrate to find cooler water temperatures.

A Day at Wolverine Lodge


Your day at Wolverine Lodge begins with morning coffee starting at 6:00 in the lodge followed by a hearty breakfast served at 7:30. The breakfast menu varies each day and may include; eggs benedict, french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast and sweet rolls.

After breakfast, gather your fishing gear and head down to the boat dock to begin your day of fishing for Trophy Pike and Walleye on Vandekerckhove Lake. Each day you will have the option of using our excellent guide services, or use one of our detailed maps to guide your party on your own.

After a morning of fishing for Trophy Pike and Walleye you will take time out for a noon shore lunch. Following lunch, you will have a full afternoon of fishing. At the conclusion of the day you will return to the lodge and have time to relax, shower or enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

Each evening a wonderful dinner is prepared and served to you banquet style in the lodge. The dinner menu is different each day and features; chicken, steak, ham, turkey, spaghetti served along wtih a variety of breads, soups, salads and homemade desserts.

After dinner you can relax in the lodge and catch up on the day's fishing reports, play cards, or watch satellite TV and movies. Satellite phone and wireless internet are available in the main lodge. Complementary fishing is available until 10:00 for guests who feel the need to work off dinner out on the lake.


For more information, please visit our website!

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