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Weston Products

20365 Progress Drive Strongsville, Ohio


Our Locations:

  • Multiple U.S. States

Processing Your Needs

Back in 2009, brothers-in-law Michael Caspar and Jason Berry purchased a company that manufactured and distributed food processing products. That company was Pragotrade, USA. Now Weston Products, we’re an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company that makes products to cure kitchen prep blues and satisfy after-hunt processing needs.

Weston has what you need

YYD1-082201W-gallery01-afMeat and game processing. Pasta, wine and sauce making. Fresh, homemade foods just got simpler. Weston has what you need to create delicious foods at home.Our end users are hunters, gatherers and foodies who have a passion for D-I-Y. And our company leaders and employees are gardeners, health nuts, adventurers, and home cooks - just like our customers. We value the glory of doing it yourself – your way.

Quality food preparation and preservation


Our full line of foodservice-quality equipment delivers outstanding results - weather you ar processing food, preparing gourmet meals, or preserving for later use. For home gardeners, home cooks, and homemakers who appreciate the value of good nutrition and the taste of homemade, Weston offers the products and tools for a healthy, “back to basics” approach to meal planning and preparation. With Weston, you can incorporate fresh ingredients into your home cooking, earning you star reviews in your own kitchen. Weston Products are designed to help you prepare and preserve your foods.


Large variety of quality products


Our expansive product offering gives you durable, long-lasting, high-performance products that help you work more efficiently in the kitchen, while enjoying the professional results you desire. From juicers and slicers, to baking mats and pasta presses, Weston has what you need for healthy cooking.

Product Line

Here at weston, we have a variety of tools that help make processing your hunting success easy.

Electric Grinders

egrindCount on Weston to offer the right tools at the right price: Save money and enjoy the healthy benefits of freshly ground meat using Weston’s line of heavy-duty electric grinders.

Weston’s electric grinders feature three stainless steel grinding plates for fine, medium, and coarse grinds to process any variety of meat. An included easy-to-use sausage stuffing funnel makes perfect sausage every time. Weston also offers attachments to process other foods for the ultimate in value and versatility in the kitchen.

Manual Grinders

Make your own—and make it well, with Weston: Our selection of high-quality, professional grinders allow you to create your own fresh sausage and snack sticks. Easy and fun to use, Weston’s at-home tools and accessories give you everything you need to get the job done.


pastaNothing quite compares to the taste of homemade—especially when it comes to pasta. Weston’s exclusive line of Roma products makes it easy to give your at-home recipes that made-fresh taste and authentic Italian flair.

All of the professional-grade tools in the Roma pasta line are easy to use and made to last. The Roma electric and manual pasta machines will soon have you making fresh pasta for every meal. And with Roma’s attachment cutting heads, you are set to make all of your family’s favorite pastas including ravioli, lasagna, linguini, angel hair and more.

Burger Presses

Making fresh burgers in your own kitchen is easy and fun with Weston’s full line of burger presses: To use, simply place any ground meat on the patty forming tray and close the lid to compact the meat into perfect patties, every time.

Weston’s product line has models to fit any need—from our traditional model, to the burger express, to the popular slider mini-burgers. No matter what style you choose, with Weston burger presses you get less waste and uniform-sized burger patties, allowing for more even, consistent cooking/grilling.

Baking Mats and Oven Liners

boardOutfit your kitchen like a pro. Plus, spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your creations with Weston’s baking and cooking mats.

From oven liners to a variety of silicone baking mats, we offer the tools that make your job in the kitchen a little easier. With no cooking sprays or parchment paper needed, our advanced silicone baking mats promote even baking and browning for greater success with all of your from-the-oven specialties.

Food Dehydrators and Smokers

Wild game, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits: You name it and Weston’s smokers and dehydrators can help you make the very most of your bounty. We carry a full line of at-home equipment designed to help you prepare food with ease and efficiency, allowing you to create your own natural fruit rolls, snack mixes, jerky, and more.

Meat and Food Storage

storageWeston carries everything you need to protect your meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, and more from harmful freezer burn and bacteria. Weston offers the packaging supplies—including freezer bags, paper, tape and containers—that allow you to quickly and easily prepare food for safe freezer storage.

Weston also stocks and extensive supply of vacuum sealers, food storage bags, and canning supplies that let you preserve and protect your fresh meat and perishables for now, to use and enjoy later.


The Weston Guarantee

westongAt Weston, our commitment to quality means that every Weston or Roma product will meet or exceed your expectations. It is our commitment to provide you with the best value, at the best price. We value your business and strive to keep offering quality products that last for years to come.


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