Optimizer 3 Pack - Ultra Bow Sight, Speed Dial Crossbow Sight and Horizon Gun Sight

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HHA Sports

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The ultimate in single point aiming technology, the Optimizer has long been recognized as the leading 1 pin adjustable sight in archery with the Ultra Series. Now, experience the same pinpoint accuracy on your crossbow in the Optimizer Speed Dial and your firearm with the Optimizer Horizon. Regardless of your weapon of choice, the Optimizer will have you dialed in for all seasons!

Winner receives these 3 Optimizer Products!

Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5519 Bow Sight

HHA pic 4The #1 single pin adjustable sight in the industry for 10 years running, the Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5519 is packed with exclusive features. HHA's patented R.D.S. (Range, Dial, Shoot) Tape Technology offers to the yard accuracy. Sight in at 2 distances and you're DIALED IN from 20 to 80, BY THE YARD! With 5 feet of fiber optic, the indestructible ARMOR Pin is ULTRA bright. The mechanical rheostat allows the shooter to fine tune the intensity of the optic in the field, eliminating the star burst effect typical with other sights. All Optimizer Lite Ultra sights are lens and light compatible, constructed of machined aluminum, Made In The USA and carry a 100% Lifetime Warranty. With the speeds of today's modern bows, multiple pin sights are becoming a thing of the past and consumers everywhere continue to chose the Optimizer as their single pin brand of choice. Get yours today and JOIN THE CROWD!

Optimizer Speed Dial Adjustable Crossbow Sight Mount

HHA pic 2HHA Sports, industry leader of single pin archery sights with their perennial, award winning Optimizer line, offers that same patented R.D.S. Tape Technology for crossbows. The Optimizer Speed Dial (MSRP $199 to $369) attaches to any standard 7/8” picatinny rail on your crossbow and is guaranteed accurate at any speed (225-450 FPS), any range (20-80 yards) and any magnification. It eliminates guessing and gapping by dialing the top crosshair of your existing scope to the yard or, for maximum performance, shooting a single haired scope. The simple 2 distance sight is system and easy to follow instructions will have you shooting at multiple ranges in minutes.

Optimizer Horizon Adjustable Firearm Sighting System

The Optimizer Horizon Adjustable Firearm Sighting System eliminates the need for multiple haired or mil dot scopes. It adapts to any 7/8 picatinny rail and provides 28.5 M.O.A. of adjustment. The Horizon is guaranteed accurate to 1 M.O.A. at any speed (1050 to 4100 FPS), any range (50 to 600 yards) and any magnification.

This simple 2 distance sight in system and easy to follow instructions will have you dialing your gun to the distance in no time. With the Optimizer Horizon there’s no guessing, no gapping, and no holdover required…simply Range, Dial and Shoot!

All HHA products are made in the USA and carry a 100% lifetime warranty

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