Optimizer Speed Dial Adjustable Crossbow Sight Mount

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HHA Sports

Value: $199

Quantity: 1

HHA Sports, industry leader of single pin archery sights with their perennial, award winning Optimizer line, offers that same patented R.D.S. Tape Technology for crossbows.

The Optimizer Speed Dial (MSRP $199 to $369) attaches to any standard 7/8” picatinny rail on your crossbow and is guaranteed accurate at any speed (225-450 FPS), any range (20-80 yards) and any magnification. It eliminates guessing and gapping by dialing the top crosshair of your existing scope to the yard or, for maximum performance, shooting a single haired scope. The simple 2 distance sight is system and easy to follow instructions will have you shooting at multiple ranges in minutes.

With an Optimizer Speed Dial on your crossbow, pinpoint accuracy at any range is just a dial away. For more information, visit HHA Sports website or call us at  800-548-7812.

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