15 Day Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt

Value: $12,500

Quantity: 1

15 day 1x1 fully guided Brown Bear hunt in Alaskan Peninsula Game Unit #9. Hunter can harvest a Black Bear, Wolf, or Wolverine (Wolf & Wolverine only available in Fall of Odd-numbered Years) with no additional trophy fees. These are considered a bonus to the hunter. LODGING: Traditional spike camp consisting of highest performance 10'x10' tents referred to as "Artic Ovens" with spacious cots. Supporting foods that will consist of an array of light-weight meals, extremely high energy and enjoyable supplemented snacks and providing many select choices.

Game that can be added: Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine (Wolf & Wolverine only available in Fall of Odd-numbered Years.)

Location of Hunt/Trip: Alaskan Peninsula Game Unit #9     

Length of Hunt/Trip: 15 days             

Hunt/Trip can be scheduled for these dates/seasons: Fall 2015 or Spring 2016

NOTE: A Black bear tag can be used for equal or less value to harvest  a Black Bear, Wolf or Wolverine.  Additional Tags other than 1 Black bear tag is not required for any one of the three previously mentioned trophy animals unless the hunter desires each one of the specie.

Expenses/fees to be paid by giveaway winner: Guide fee of $3500.  Travel to Alaska, Air Travel to Hunting Area and Return, Tags, License, Gratuities are not included.

Located in: Door Prizes

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