6 Day New Mexico Archery Elk Rut Hunt

Value: $7500

Quantity: 2

Horseshoe Hill Outfitters has donated a 6 day Archery Hunt that takes place in September. During the pre-rut you will hunt watering holes and wallows. When the rut heats up you will spot and stalk and call bulls in. 

We average 320″ class bulls but you have a legit opportunity at a 350″+. All the hunting is spot and stalk and hunters should be in good hiking shape. The elevation is only 6000-7000 ft. The terrain is rolling canyons and Junipers for the most part.

Groups up to 6 welcome. Meals, lodging and guide are provided.

You will need to apply for a NM State License for $575 and you are responsible for the landowner tag of $3500.

Located in: Door Prizes

Shooting & Archery